Cardboard Spool

by charlespax, published

Cardboard Spool by charlespax Jan 8, 2010



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Here's a handy little cardboard spool you can use for your MakerBot filament. I designed it for a thicker cardboard than pictured, but all I had around when I was inspired were some pizza boxes.

As posted on my blog http://charlespax.wordpress.com/2010/01/08/cardboard-spool/

See it in action as part of the future Bowden filament drive box http://charlespax.com/2010/01/26/makerbot-filament-box-and-drive-mechanism/

The latest version can be found in subversion at http://svn.makerbot.com/users/charles/bowden/ .

EDIT 2010-03-21: I added a divider to the files. Thanks, Kevin. I also decreased the size of the hole that secures the filament to better grab the it.


Cut out two flanges and one barrel. Bend the barrel so it curls and feed it into one of the flanges. Fold the tabs back into the flange through the smaller holes. Packing tape helps to hold them in place.

Now you'll have a top hat crown thing. Place your filament roll over the barrel and put on the other flange. Again, tape helps.

A 10 mm shaft through the arbor hole and you're ready to print. Well, you'll probably want some sort of mount for this. It's coming...

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If you don't have access to a laser cutter, you might want to look up one of your local corrugated board suppliers or a box manufacturer. Most plants have a designer on staff with a cutting table. A cutting table can cut from DXF files with minor conversion, or directly from an HPG or ACS file. If the designer is a bit of geek (very likely), he or she may cut it for you for free from scrap stock if you let them use the file how they want.

Also, it's called "corrugated board", "corrugated paperboard" or just "corrugated" when it has the liner paper(s) combined with a fluted or corrugated paper.



Or scissors work just as well.

Time goes by - and we noobs find excitement in the discovery. Thanks for you post. Pretty neat. I'm cutting on the MakerBot box soon. :)

I love the simple things like this. :)

On its inspiration I made a simple stand to support spools like these over a Mendel, so long as the diameter is under 12 inches.


RepRap RoofTop Spool Stand
by 4ndy

It's amazing what an extacto blade, band saw, ruler and compass can do..

I may be thick here but I can't get the file to print to scale. How do I get this thing to print to scale so I can make one of these? When I print All I get is a flange that is just under 4 inches in diameter.

I'm using Turbo Cad 14.2. When I first open up the file it reads the units as inches. So the drawings are over 200+ inches wide. So I convert the grid units to mm and that solves the scaling problem. The width of the circles are about 10.2 inches.

I'm not sure since I always used a laser cutter. You could probably to a Google search for how to print at 100% image size in your application.

When I first saw this design, I wasn't too sure about it, but once I made ONE, I couldn't stop! Now I have four (two have multiple dividers) mounted under the end of my work table using a 13/16" axle.

I cut mine on a laser cutter using 1/8" corrugated cardboard -I also made additional outer 'rings' and cut the center hole as large as the barrel to act as dividers. Now I have ready access to all my 1/2 pound samples of PLA and new colors!

Corrugated cardboard also has the added benefit of provi
ding a handy place to stick the end of the filament to stop it from unrolling when not in use.

Thanks for coming up with this!

I posted you pictures on my blog post on the filament spool. Hope you don't mind. http://charlespax.com/2010/03/12/filament-back-pack/http://charlespax.com/2010/03/...

Well done! I hadn't thought to use the corrugation to hold the filament end. The dividers a great idea too. Thanks for sharing.

PS on spool experience. I've made 2 of these now. The wire hanger axle really isn't optimal and I've been meaning to get a metal rod to replace it. Maybe print out a milk crate attachment. In the meantime I've glued two printed pulley inside the spool as a bearing which keeps the cardboard from gettting damaged.

Hmm... It would be pretty freaking cool if the MakerBot box came with this pattern already drawn on it. :)

I've been waiting for this! The plastic I mounted on the spool is pretty messed up so I'm not sure how smoothly it will work, but from now on I'll be using these. Also, a milk crate is the perfect mount using a wire coathanger as the axle. Reuse for the win! (I'm sure Walmart sells something akin to a milk crate if you've never "borrowed" one)

I've been looking for a simple spool for a while now. Thanks! And I can use the cardboard from the box that my cupcake cnc came in. Recycling to the max!

brilliant and kudos for the use of cardboard - thanks pax

Yes! that's a brilliant idea. I was always reluctant to waste acrylic for a spool...now finally I can have a spool for my cute makerbot out of waste cardboard that I dont have to worry about!

thanks pax!