Prusa I3 Rework Bowden Extruder and Carriage with Inductive Sensor

by chinzw May 10, 2016
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Hello,Please can you add bl touch mount ?

Очень хорошая работа. Лучший экструдер на веб-сайте. Могли бы вы сделать все охлаждения 30х30

How do you keep your bowden extruder from overheating? If I don't turn up the voltage pot, it just clicks and grinds. If I do, it overheats and won't move at all.

I like your design and i have made the modification on my printer.
But i don't arrive to modify firmware to accept the new position of inductive sensor.
G29 command with my parameters doesn't work.
Which values did you indicate in your firmware for those parameters :
Thanks in advance,

That all depends on your build size. Normally if you have a 200x200 bed you would set left = 0, right = 200, back = 0, front = 141. It also depends if you have the endstop at the back or front of you printer.

Thanks for your answer.
I have approximatly the same dimension for my bed (x, y = 200, 210).
Also, x endstop is at the left of the bed (in min position) and y endstop is at the back of the bed (in max position).
Origin of the bed (0, 0) is at the front and left side of the bed.

I have just test with your parameters but i can't compile the firmware with these (i reversed back and front value cause of the position of y endstop).
I always receive the error : "The Y axis probing range is not enough to fit all the points defined in AUTO_BED_LEVELING_GRID_POINTS".

For information, i have define AUTO_BED_LEVELING_GRID_POINTS parameter to 3.

Well, you ill have to read the Marlin docs. You're trying to use auto bed leveling but trying to probe outside the range.

Hello drawing solidworks file available if you have this e-mail address if you can send it to my printer I want to make compatible [email protected] thank you


Does the Inductor Mount accept a 18mm diameter Inductor sensor?


Thank you for the model, this is the best solution I've seen for the last time.
Tell me how you're connected inductive sensor to the control board?
You take + 12V using resistors? Or connect to a standard connector + 5V?
Can you show the photo and the wiring diagram?
How do you set up the sensor?
You changed the firmware?

The model has a carriage?

I connected the inductive sensor + and - to 12v, and the signal wire i put a diode that prevents 12v from reaching the 5v logic pin.
RAMPS --> ->|- --> SENSOR
For the firmware you need to setup the auto bed leveling, there's videos on youtube, pretty easy stuff