Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

BigBox Dual Titan Direct Drive

by compwizard7 May 10, 2016
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I don't see the "X Axis Tensioner" file on the download page, can you please add that? Great Design.

That's because it is the one of the original design...

im doing a 24x24 build with 8020... will 8mm rods work with this set up. wonderful build

Does anyone have the edited Arduino firmware for the hot end offsets, bed settings, travel distances etc. I'll even take just the numbers, and plug it into my firmware.

Is anyone able to remix this to run on 10mm Rods?

My modeling abilities are right around 'terrible' on the skill-scale... =\

Anyone able to tell me the distance between the rods that the carriage sits on?

Hey CompWizard!,

This design is absolutely beautiful. I'm completely without words at how well done this is..

I'm currently building a CoreXY custom with a 400^3 build area, and wondering what your thoughts on implementing this into another printer would be... Most of the printer is 2020 Extrusion. The pulley and bearing mounts would be easy to adjust / make compared to the magnificence that is your work...

As long all the rails lined up, do you think it would work?

Absolutely LOVE this design.

scoop im doing 8020 3030...had them all cut at 24".. have you started yer build?

yeah, it's up and running :D not with this carriage yet... I'm running 10mm rods/bearings, and haven't had much time to hack away at modding current design; ; maybe one day...

Well I think once you add two more mounting points then I don't see why it wouldn't work. On the X carriage there are only two mounting points, so I guess you could always mount two cables/belts into one mounting point which a little bit of modification.
And thank you for the kind words.

Thanks!! Yeah kind what I was thinking... Two into one, with some grunting... Tho I supposed it souldn't be too hard to add another, even with my terrible modeling ability.

Seriously though, this is my favorite thing... It's so full of function... exactly what I was looking for... <3 I'll upload some pics of my implementation once it's live... probably another month or so as I'm still sourcing parts =P

marlin1.1V6 dosent work.
The YStepper go in wrong direction.
bed set level out of Area,
sensor go outside from the bed

where can I find merlin which runs

Y axis will be reversed with this dual titan mod. You can reverse the Y stepper driver plug.

There will probably be other changes as this is not a drop in upgrade. Tweaks might be needed. Please use the E3D forum to ask for questions as there are more people following the forum that has done this mod. I'm still waiting for the last parts before I'll have it finished myself.

Forum thread: https://forum.e3d-online.com/index.php?threads/titan-dual-direct-drive-design.1307/

There is ALOT of info there. If you do not want to read it all just ask and you might get an answer :)

BigBox needs as all printers the right configuration for marlin the forum is a good starting point

Please, where can find HEX File for titanium which runs

Not sure what you mean, but the E3D Titan does not need a special Firmware (HEX file) the steps/mm with the 1.8° stepper is around 456, but you have to calibrate that for your used filament.

If you upgrade from direct drive to titan you need to set E steps. Just as good to get the newest FW which already has this. But strictly not neccesary.

use what type of stepper motor?

I used the first one on this list

But you can use the second as well. I believe as long as it is under 25mm in length you are fine.

Thank you very much,
which titanium kit fits to 100%?

whot size print cooling fan are you yousing?

Hey, it is a 40x40x20 blower fan

This is a truly excellent design - if anyone knows of one that accomplishes the same thing for a prusa i3 (vertical rails) I would very much like to know. I currently have a dual mk7 design (both motors face the front of the picture and the exctruder faces the carriage.)

Even if this doesn't work for me its a really well executed design.

Thank you! I don't believe there is, and unfortunately I don't have time to design one for the prusa...

Hi - really great work!
Would you be willing to share a STEP or IGES of your model of the Titan? (Just the E3D extruder portion)

Would you get away with only printing the fan shroud in ABS or would you recommend the main carriage should be as well?

The main carriage doesn't see any heat, or very minimal, So the fan shroud would be sufficient.

Thanks, I have edge printing really nicely now so thought I would stick to it!

Yeah, when printing the fan shroud, I would recommend printing something else with it. Otherwise when it gets to the small sections it won't have time to cool and the column will be soft and it won't print well. Just a thought, and something I ran into with ABS.

A spare fan shroud maybe ;)

Ehh I don't know if that would be enough... Maybe you could turn on the print fan for the rest of it... Just not at the base, but I haven't tried it...

Rev 3... "Fix Titan Extruder Carriage model to fit the Titan Extruder."
:D I like it

This work is so well thought out and implemented. Great craftsmanship.

Thanks, I just hope it works well for everyone, let me know if there is something that needs changed.

I just uploaded PDF's that have parts lists and exploded views of each sub assembly needed for the upgrade. Let me know what you think and if there are any changes that I need to make.

I look forward to seeing this when you have finished the design!

Work of art. Thanks for your effort and for sharing!