Pinard Horn (Foetoscope)

by fil Jan 7, 2012
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I did some changes in the scad... wall thickness: t=1.05, trumped dimensions: ty1=ty0+211 and also added a little cylinder to support the trumpet, once printed, I removed the cylinder with pliers.

Height of the thing: 237mm (cupcake cnc aka bot1334 +
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few of my things

It took 1h10' @ 26mm/s, 0.34 layer height, Flowrate: 212.5

Unfortunatelly I forgot to check Travel Feedrate, 50mm/s, which I should have lowered to match the extrusion Feedrate.

looks like thingiverse is a little bit lazy to show the picture :'( I try to add it here :-P

When I tried printing it thinner it ended up collapsing a little, and had some gaps, but then that was when I was using an unsupported bezier curve for the earpiece -- yours looks much better.

If you send me a copy of the scad, I'll put it into my git repository (somehow -- either by incorporating your changes, or making them optional, as seems appropriate).

Glad you like it.

I just changed the two parameters I mentioned above and modified the end to look like this:

cylinder(h=5.2, r=5.5, $fn=12*PI, center=false);

rotate_extrude($fn = 60, convexity = 10)


I would just move "t=1.05; // wall Thickness" at the beggining of
the script, just bellow the comments, together with another parameter, something like "phl=125; // Pinard Horn length" and then change ty1 to ty1=phl-26;

I was thinking that having l=106 (or in your case =130 or whatever), and then working out the rest of the lengths from that might be nicer, so they just specify something slightly less that their Z limit.

BTW have you tried it out? My not very scientific test was that if I listen to the palm of my hand, I can hear it when I rub the back of that hand so lightly that I can barely feel it.

1st, sorry for all the thingalert msgs, it took few tries before I got thingiverse to like the pic :-P

Yeah, it would be nice to work out the length in an easy way. I just enveloped the thing in a 237mm tall cube and changed ty1 until I got the thing to occuppy the whole length of that cube.

In the example above I said "125" just because is a length that most printers should be able to print.

! I've test it and YES! I can hear the heart of my sons!

Which week were you in when you could hear the heartbeat? We're in week 15 so it's probably too early to hear it.

I'm afraid I forget, but it wasn't very early. Apparently it is sometimes possible from as early as week 12:


but I'd think that you would need to be very experienced to realise what you were hearing, as it is barely perceptible when you first try it.

I had the benefit of our retired-gynecologist aunt confirming that what I thought I was hearing was actually real.

You could do worse that going to your gynecologist with a spare print, and presenting it to them in exchange for a quick lesson -- ours seemed very pleased with the present :-)

Oups! btw, don't forget to mention that the small cyl is just a design support that has to be removed when the print is done