Robo3d Titan Extruder Mount

by YogiG May 11, 2016
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If i print the carriage for bigger bearings, do the old fan shrouds still work? I tried them and they snapped. not sure if it was just me or not.

will the aero fit on this considering it's so much shorter?

where do I find the bronze bearings?

Would it be possible to have you to integrate some supports into the fan ducts, similar to how they are done here in this other similar designed duct?


Also, wondering if you could modify the X carriage to have a mounting spot for the endstop switch for the non-plus version of the printer, I have the R1 and the x endstop is on carriage, not on the left z-axis riser, i can provide pics if needed

RoBo R1 e3d V6 fan duct
by lfenske

Does it works with 48mm nema?

It requires a stepper that is no larger than 25mm deep.

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You don't happen to have a mount that will fit the drag cable Amazon sells do you?
The one that is included will work, but not very well.

Everything I have from this project is uploaded I believe. With the slot mount for cable chains it should not be hard if somebody wanted to model one up. Good luck!

Here is the drag chain adapter I created to accept the Amazon drag chain.

Drag Chain Adapter for Amazon Cable

For anybody that is doing the upgrade and using the Amazon drag chain I have also designed a quick release mount for the case side of the drag chain. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1989124

Drag Chain Case Mount

Hi Yogi,

After the swap out. I reverse the E0 extruder connector, The printer now is printing at about 3 cm mid air. Do you know how to reset the height? Probably because I was manually winding the carriage out of z-axis rod so messed up something. The auto level also did not touch the print bed at all. What's standard procedure after one changes the hot end or extruder? Thanks,

Well, it turns out my z-stop is a bit stuck. After I manually turn the z screw and make sure when the hot end touches the bed and move above the bed the z-stop clicks freely, then the problem go away.

Off to do more printing test.

Very nice. Where did you get the pancake Nema 17 motor from? Do you know what it's voltage, amps, and holding torque specs are?


18Ncm, works well with the Titan extruder, it is plenty strong. Shipping to Texas was incredibly fast, just two days or so.


Did you have to make any firmware changes to use the different stepper motor from the "stock" one that comes with the R1+? That one looks sweet.

The only firmware changes I had to do was the step count, but that was due to the change in gearing with the Titan extruder. If you're just swapping out the stepper alone it should be plug and play.

@YogiG Any reason that these wouldn't work? I am having a hard time finding M3 X 55mm hex head screws.
uxcell M3 x 55mm 304 Stainless Steel Phillips Pan Head Screws Bolt 60pcs

Those look perfect. . The ones I used were from a large pack on Amazon like that with Phillips heads.

Tried printing the carriage for the larger bearings, I think they are still the stock sized holes? They came out really small even scaled up.

If you have a .step file I can fix it.


is the file for the LM8UU bearings in the thing files correct now, or do I need to use the remixed one mentioned further down the comments in this line? Would be nice if this was mentioned in the details

Well damn,

When I exported the .stl for the larger bearing model the first time I missed the step of removing the old material. The bearing profile and everything was there, just buried.

I bumped up the hole to 17mm from 15mm and re-introduced the larger bearing profile. An updated .stl with today's date was uploaded and I tossed in a .step file for you.

Awesome thanks I'll give that a shot.

FYI, the new .stl has a hole in it when I slice it.. its kinda funky near the top.

I'll figure it out with the step file or that fixer tool though. But you might want to look at it.

Man, she's a stubborn one.

Repaired it in meshmixer but still having an issue. I'll get back to you.

I fixed it in Fusion 360. I'll try to get you a link to the new file.

I basically took the main body, combined it with the 4 pillow block objects, and made it a new component. then unselected everything and selected the new component to export as STL seems good now. I think

Sounds good, I'll remove mine from this if you want to toss it up as a remix?

Sure, I private messaged you a link to it. I'll print one out before i remix it.

Any plans for updated fan shrouds for the volcano?

Possibly. If I can get measurements or find a step file of the volcano assembly to work with.

I have one coming from printed solid, once it arrives and I get it set up I can get you any measurements you need.


Threw these together over the morning coffee, let me know if you decide to try them so I can update the page to include they are tested and working or I can sit down and tweak them as needed.


PS: Found the volcano heaterblock on grabcad, Took a few assumptions for clearance but it should be close without touching the bed.

Volcano Fan Mount for Robo3d Titan Carriage
by YogiG
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On my R1 my x limit switch is mounted on the carriage. Is there a place for the x limit switch on the carriage or do you have to mount it on the z limit switch top support and trigger it with a screw on the carriage?

Good catch, I had not realized the x limit switch was different on the non Plus. I'd recommend if you want to use this carriage to just mount the x limit switch the way the Plus mounts it, seems like it should be an easy solution.

Good luck to you!

I was wondering the same, I'd rather not fish the wires for the endstop out of the loom and re-route, plus there are no mounting holes on the left z limit switch support

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Can this be used on Robo R1 printer?

From my understanding the changes from R1 to Plus were upgrading the z-axis and how the hexagon hot end were attached. So it shouldn't be a problem as long as you're running the E3d V6 now.

Do you recommend ABS or PLA? Have you received a Titan to test with yet?

I didn't try PLA myself, just PETG and ABS.

As expected, the PETG was a tad more flexible than the ABS, although I don't think it would be near enough to be a concern once it was all bolted together, the upper portion really makes the carriage rigid.

For me, my best results were in ABS, scaled to 100.50% in S3D to account for shrinkage. I ran mine at .1 layer height, 100% fill, 3 shells, with supports, and a huge skirt to anchor it to the bed (1 layer and about 20 outlines). I'm sure that's a bit overkill, .2 layer would work just as well.

PLA may work, certainly would be strong, I was concerned with it's low glass transition temp though.

No Titan for me yet, sometime in the next month maybe.

So has anyone tried this in PLA? Just Curious

Thanks for the reply. I just started using petg today for the first time and it killed my PEI sheet on the bed, lol. I guess I should have read a little more about printing that filament on PEI, right?

Anyway, I will take your advice and print in ABS. I use S3D as well so I'll use your specs!