Mini Monster Truck With Suspension

by jakejake May 12, 2016
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Hi, are you happy if I use your wheels for my Tank project. I will add a link to this model in the description.
I would like to use them for a trailer.
many thanks

Hi, I noticed your creation, they are very beautiful.
I thought you might be interested in my project.
It's a lamp printer, what do you think?
thanks bye

fussed with them for an hour but the rims won't fit

Nice monster truck and my son's current fav so you know it's durable. The only problem I had was one of the supports (the front) failed during the print and just fell down...luckily there was enough pla already down to keep it going but just a heads up. I also have to say that this tire design is one of the better ones that doesn't need any tools or extras such as screws or secondary metal or wood supports.

What software did you use to create the exploded view + BOM? @jakejake

Rim are too loose , what is the scale correctly works ? (75%) ?

whats brand is that yellow color you use in your pictures?

It's MatterHackers Pro PLA, blonde yellow

Does this require flexible filament or will it work with PLA?

Thanks for sharing this design! I love these spring based design.

Improvement tip: Create a bigger bed surface for the supports. My print failed because the support failed so edited the model to create better bed adhesion for the supports.

yea that would be a good idea, some other people were knocking over the supports too, thanks!

For some reason the caps do not just pop onto the axles of the monster truck! Is this supposed to happen, and if so, what should I do?

you can try filing the axles down, or if it flares out towards the build plate, just cut that bit off.

Ok, I will try that. Thanks for the help and for this great model!

3000th like! I can't believe how far these have come!

Thanks! Yea I can't believe almost 150 people made this thing, would have never imagined that when I made it.

I love your work, thanks for offering so many cool things on here. I'm printing one of these for my neighbor's kid. I plan on printing some turtles for my wife as she is a big turtle fan.

This is such an awesome share, thanks!

I haven't built one yet, but I plan on printing some soon for my neighbors. Just dialing in my printer a little more.

The wheels keep popping off because the rimsdon't have enough purchase. I printe at 0.75 scale. Any suggestions? Thanks.

What are the tolerances for the snap fit, because my printer doesn't have very good tolerances

Thanx for this great model!! :-)

Printed the tires in PLA perfectly fine.

But the body is giving me problem. My printer has stopped on the same spot half way through 2 times now. Any ideas?

Printer: Ultimaker 2+
Material: ABS
Layer height: 0.2mm

Any tipps would be great.



if you could show a pic or explain what the printer is doing specifically, then I might be able to help figure out a way to get it to print

Hi jakejake,

thanx for the reply. :-) my printer stops the print about half way. Until then the print looks perfect. Maybe there is a problem with the SD card because i did a test print today of a vase and the same thing happened. Will try a fresh SD card tomorrow. By the way.. what material is prefferrd for this print. Abs or Pla?? And what amount of infill??

Thanx for your time.


I printed one of these for my nephew. He loves it. My niece had to have one too. I had trouble on both with the hubs not wanting to snap onto the axles. I ended up drilling a hole through the center of the hubs and friction welding them to the axles.

Do you have any plans to design different body styles in the future?

Possibly, I was thinking of incorporating a system where you could print one of a few different styles of faceplates / tail lights / wheel hubs / rooftops / etc. to customize the vehicle and snap everything together. I might do this since a few people have been asking about alternative styles. I just need to find time for this among a few other projects that I plan on publishing.

If you want to change the colour for the rim, as per the instructions this is what you need to do :

Find this line in the Gcode
G1 Z19.850

Then paste this code BEFORE that point - This will pause your printer and move the nozzle away for you to change colour. Then it will home XY and resume once you hit "resume" (if using octoprint).

;Pause Code
G91 ;Set Relative Mode
G1 E-5.000000 F500 ;Retract 5mm
G1 Z15 F300 ;move Z up 15mm
G90 ;Set Absolute Mode
G1 X20 Y20 F9000 ;Move to hold position
G91 ;Set Relative Mode
G1 E-40 F500 ;Retract 40mm to pull the filament out.
M300 ;Beep (marlin)
M0 ;Idle Hold
G90 ;Set Absolute Mode
G1 F5000 ;Set speed limits, depending on slicer this can be set to your initial mm/min speed or it can be used for the following move only then the next layer will set the speed
G28 X0 Y0 ;Home X Y
M82 ;Set extruder to Absolute Mode
G92 E0 ;Set Extruder to 0

This worked perfectly for me and looks great.

A better (or at least easier) option is to use (or download) the Prusa ColorPrint app


Thanks for posting this!

Anytime brother! thanks for designing!
I'm still really surprised at the quality of the wheels and how well they turn. I stole this back off my kid to take to work and put on my desk! will have to print another. lol

When printing the lower part of the body, does anyone have the nozzle touch the corners of the left and right zig zag pieces? It's hard to explain. I think the extruder is putting a dab of material on each of the curved pieces every time it passes up and down the zig zag pieces. I think this is causing an issue for me because every time it then tries to print (after zig zagging) it takes a few passes for the filament to extrude properly thus creating parts of the infill not printing out.

I know this probably doesn't make sense to anyone! lol I have a Maker Select v2 using Cura.

I think I understand what you are saying. If material is getting deposited from your extruder tip running over that part, you might want to play with the retraction settings. I think Cura also has a setting to vary the start point of the path for each layer, this might keep the nozzle from continuously depositing in the same spot.

can it be done with abs?

I did, worked great. Made one in "soulful blue" abs from makergeek... going to do one in green for the other nephew.

Awesome model! I'm amazed with how well it rolls around and with the suspension design. Great work.

Thanks! getting the smooth rolling wheels actually took the most trial and error. Originally the wheels just snap fitted into the axles, lego connector style. I added the wheel caps for the sole purpose of getting a smoother rotation.

Can I have your permission to use your models and sell them on my online platform which most of precedes will go towards refugees in Syria? I started a non-profit org teaching students about 3D printing. Let me know please. Thanks!

It's very cool! Thanks!

Sooooo cuteeee hehehehehe, I'm going to print one to my nephew ^^

Rims won't slice right. i tried 3 slicers and i always get a gap on the 2 tips of the hexagon. not a full enclosing cylinder.
I use a 0.4 nozzle.

it looks enclosed but always prints with a gap. The gap worked to hep the piece friction fit better and I never went back and did a full cut out. You dont see it when assembled

It works fine but I ended up using glue because it's too loose in my case.

Thanks for a great design!

you can delete 2 of the 4 wheels and then mirror them in repetier host. then print 2 left and 2 right, then you have 4 wheels that are ok.

I cannot print the four wheels... I only get two right... the other two print like a cone...

Me too. But then when you "split" them in Slic3r into separate pieces the other two come to life!

Really nice design jakejake. Printed perfectly with just a slight change to the rim size on my FF Dreamer. Printed in ABS.

i think my kid's really gonna be excited to get this, so a big thanks for sharing this :)

any chance you can beef up (at least for the first few layers) the 4 small support pillars that support the middle cross beams?
i'm having a problem getting all 4 to stick to the bed, this otherwise prints perfectly and i've lost 2 prints now because each time another pillar didn't make the first 2-3 layers (they're small so they don't have much grip and i print them in petg which means a little bit higher first layer).

Comments deleted.

That's a good point, I can beef those up when I have time. I have also included a version without supports so people could use meshmixer or a slicer program to generate supports. I will post a comment when the current supports are adjusted.

Hi, I remixed your wheels here. Testing them with ninja-flex tomorrow.

Monster Truck wheels split for flex.
by docah

They print awesome in NinjaFlex (semiflex)

Nice! I've been wanting to try out that material. Maybe I'll buy some and print your version.

Nice work, has anyone already tried to print the wheels in flexible Material (TPU, Ninjaflex, Willowflex) ?

I printed the body in PLA and wheels in Sainsmart TPU. The wheels do not spin freely but it still looks good. I doubt my 2 year old will care.

Yes. They are sweeeeet!

I made some last night green ninjaflex 10% inf. Worked fine, I'll try to post a make later.

Not sure if the tires would spin as freely. I thought about trying, but decided to just print it in PLA.

I haven't worked with flexible materials but you would probably need to split the wheel so the inside that contacts the shaft is a pla or abs. Otherwise the wheel would not spin freely. it sounds like an awesome idea though.

I haven't worked with flexible materials but you would probably need to split the wheel so the inside that contacts the shaft is a pla or abs. Otherwise the wheel would not spin freely. it sounds like an awesome idea though.

si lo escalas no sale bien las ruedas no encajan :S, no queria un coche tan grande

The support is a bit thin and it came off the bed during print. Printing with PLA, cold glass with hair spray.

Wow. I'm definitely printing this now. This is Amazing!!

Thanks for the complements guys, I will upload revised wheels tonight.

they look great. could you put the wheels in a square for those of us that have smaller print beds.

If you're using Cura right click on the STL and choose "Split object into parts" :)

These are Amazing. Congrats on being featured, well deserved!

Wow this is really nice. I especially like how you were able to build in the suspension by incorporating the flexible pattern so to not require some special filament like NinjaFlex. I'm so glad this was featured as I think it deserves more attention, I hope to see more from you in the future, keep up the good work.

Thanks GDop26, it's nice to hear what someone appreciates in my design! It is the same flexible pattern I developed for my sink scrubber upload.

Hi! Nice model, but perhaps two of the wheels should be mirrored so they're not all going the same way :)

Good call, I'll mirror those over next time I have access to the files.

Looks like lots of hard work to create this, thanks!!

Did you use TPE or TPU? What % infill for the flex seen in the video?

just standard pla, and print settings did not affect the function of the print. I think I used 10% infill.

Have you printed them in PLA or ABS? I believe both would work, but I'm just curious =D

I just printed the body in ABS and the wheels in PLA. Everything came out fine.

these were printed in pla