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by MakerBot Jan 18, 2012
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on netflix watch the documentary printing a legend

Great design overall. Really impressive. I added a 'remix' that includes the extra parts I used, such as floors & rivets.

Check out my pictures in the 'I made one' section.

You love your job don't you.
This is a masterpiece, bravo.....

Just thinking to print it with my Micro. Would it work if I reduce the size of all pieces a 25%?

Where can I get the files for that Rover that is in the first pic?

Well let's get this awesome looking old project back to life :-) I just started on this massive project. My first outer engine printed in 2mm layers, just only took 18 hours and 18 minutes :-) So I am still a while a way from being able to click on the "I made one" :-)

Can't wait to give this to my 3year old son.


the outer engine bell does not print right in the program the stl needs adjusting. All my dimention prints is the base??

How is it wired and what is used for lights??

This is really neat, I might make a mini UFO model to go along with this.

Hey all,

So I am about 3/4 done printing parts. Black on Red on a Replicator run at 45mm/s extrude and 50mm/s seek. 110C on the bed for red and 115c for black to keep things sticking to the kapton tape. It has run like a dream on the Replicator directly out of the box, no calibration at all. Since I receiv
ed my Replicator a week or so ago it has been running just about non-stop. Fantastic...

Anyway, a few things I have notices. Sometimes, mostly on black, I get layers that separate a little. I plan on using a heat gun, glue and clamps to squeeze it back together. I think a higher melt temp might do
it, but I will have to add a set of fans to cool the plastic faster, anyone had this happen?

Also, I do believe you will need to print THREE (3) of Plate 7a and 7b to get the base assembly together. I am adding LED's to mine with an Arduino controller, and maybe some sound later.... Could you post
some details on the LED configuration you used?


currently printing on a thing-o-matic

It will take some days to get it. and as we have a lot of natural plastic it will then be spray painted.

So if this thing weighs 2 kilos, it takes $100 in filament to print? Wow, how long does it take to print? A week?

Don't get me wrong, it's awesome. And if I had a kid (one that I really liked) I'd probably print him or her one ... if they were really really good that year ... for Christmas.

But still, 5 pounds of plastic? Wow!

To be honest, printing out a project for the first time on a tight deadline, and planning how to print it inexpensively are different challenges. As with the castle, by the time we were done with assembling the piece we already had dreamed up about 13 ways to re-think how to print the existing design on a Replicator to use less plastic and speed up the printing time. That said -- the rocket is still cheaper than a buying a Playmobil or similar set of this tremendous scale, so you'd be ahead on this one even if you printed the density we were printing.

I didn't mean for my question to sound like criticism. I was just surprised at how much filament it took. I've been printing on my new ToM several hours a day for about two weeks and I've just now started to see the end of my first 1 kilogram spool. So for me this project would take more than a month to print. Which is a huge commitment to a single (albiet awesome) project. Anyway, it's an amazing design. I hope that you keep things like this (and the castle) coming so I'll have lots of awesome things to choose from when I finally have kids to print for.

Nah, I didn't see this as criticism! We were surprised how much plastic we ran through and thought: "hmmm, I'll be we can really tune this right for those who don't have, say, a BotFarm at their disposal." ;-) You'll see things like this popping up in the next few months. Cool projects such as MakerBlock printing the entire thing small -- and in one night!

Michael; Do you ever step away from the Sketchup? Because I don't think I could keep up with your pace of innovative designs.

That's absolutely fantastic!!! My grandson will love this!

Nice work Michael, again!

I think it's more like 70cm than 70mm though!

i wonder moulinsart would like this, ...

Thank you. I saw this on BBC and was dying to give it a try.

Every time I think "we haven't seen anything from Skimbal in a while. I wonder if he's losing his momentum?", you post something that is just EPIC. wow.

extremely well done! my printed hat tips off to you!

Amazing! Great job.