MakerBot Fairytale Castle Playset

by MakerBot Jan 17, 2012
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Where are the flat brick floor pieces????? They were not in my download?????? Sad Face!!!

Awesome! I am almost done, but I continuously receive errors on the top_walls file. Only prints one side. Meshmaker even crashes when I load it. Already had fixed the issue with the Floor B story, but really need help with a fixed top_wall file. Much apprechiated! (Have used primer color on my print today, alomost looks like the real deal already!) N

Looks like there are some cool printed Lego Princess People in the picture too, any idea where to find the .STL files for those?

Hi, I have a problem with two parts of the castle: Floor B left and Floor B right are the same and they don´t assemble correctly. Can anybody help me? Thanks

I had the same problem, I uploaded the mirrored file here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:669338

Floor C is totally wrong too as it has the tops of the windows of Room 1 on the side and the tops of the windows of room 2 on the front.

Fairytale Castle Floor_B_Right Fixed file
by garthvh

Regarding the print time, I made the whole castle over three months. The machine ran almost continuously 7 days a week. Each part took about 14 to 18 hours to complete at 100 micron layers. I think I used a bit over 3 spools of filament. Since this was a present for my granddaughter, it was totally worth the effort. Having dialed in the machine very well it ran for those months flawlessly. It is not engineered to take that kind of punishment - so some of the wires broke due to all the constant flexing. At first only a strand or two in a wire would break and hardly be noticeable. Eventually enough strands broke that the current through the remaining strands heated the wire insulation and melted it, thus highlighting the fault. If you plan to run the machine with this intensity, plan to replace the motor wiring harness and the thermocouple every 3 to 4 months. Those wires are not made to take constant flexing.

I'm making this for my son next year for christmas & I'm making the rocket this year, so it's a good heads up, thank you. I hope that your granddaughter enjoyed it.

In regards to the question below regarding print time and material requirements. I'm printing the castle out right now on a Makerbot 2 with 100 micron layers and each lower floor (4 pieces) is about 67 hours of machine time and a spool of filament can make 2'ish floors. I might be able to get three floors from a spool but it will be tight.

Woooow. Just wow. I lament that I outgrew toys before this technology became available... oh, wait... no I didn't! Well done.


Thanks for the awesome design work! It's been a big hit with my students.

Wow, quite impressive!

Is there any information available on the exact modifcations necessary for the Thing-O-Matic in order to be able to print this?

Where is the I LOVE IT button??

[applause] Man, that is impressive. Awesome like a 100 million hotdogs.

How many hours of printing/spools of filament did this take?

Wow! Michael's work never ceases to amaze me!