Giant Mimic

by MagicEngineer May 12, 2016
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This is so awesome. Working on printing this and painting it now! You know what would be REALLY cool, and probably really easy for you to implement since you already have all these objects? : Have a closed version of the chest that looks like a normal chest. It'd make your players' eyes POP and grin thinking it must be full of goodness. Then after they open it just swap the pieces and look at their faces! lol.

No need, it has already been done by someone else. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:662965

Treasure Chest

Any chance you could post the intact full model and not the split version? I have a printer that with supports should be able to handle it and the seem between the two halves is hard to cover up if you aren't going to sand, fill and paint it.

I uploaded a whole stl for you. Good luck.

Epic! Lol I love the summary. X^)

Nice description there.
It takes me back a long time, when weekends were made for serious gaming sessions that lasted the whole weekend and pizza and beer were considered healthy food. Oh, and of course DM's who were from time to time nasty as can be, but also at times cool when handing out the loot.
And the contents of a backpack were books, DM guides, Player guides and other such paraphernalia, and lets not forget, a pouch that held our treasured dice.

You mean a normal Saturday. I have been DMing for 35 years and never plan to stop. I find roleplaying games to be very therapeutic. If everyone played the world would be a better place.

Jip, you got it right, Roleplaying is therapeutic and also lots of fun. Sadly the guys i used to play with are no longer around, and in the little village where i live now you get looked at funny if people hear you are playing.
So now i just keep it on my pc. The books are also hard to come by when living in the styx.
But i still treasure the memories of those times, along with my dice and a few miniatures i kept for sentimental value.