Kobo Mini BlueFly vario and bigger battery back case

by villamany May 14, 2016
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Hi, can you explain the process of designing this a bit? Like, how you measure the original case to fit the custom one etc? I have a Kobo Aura 2nd Edition with Bluefly ttl and would love to have a similar case to this. But it seems like no one is currently interested in designing one so I'm planning to do it if I can. I'm not an industrial designer or a designer at all but I think I can make something simple with some direction from experienced people.

Hi, manual measuring using a caliper and many print-test-correcton, print-test-correction... Until a perfect fitting. The aura 2 is a clip type case not screwed one so you need to take it in account.

Hi, thank you very much. Yes it's a clip type cover but I think I can make use of the screws that connect the board to the front cover.
Another idea is to have the case so the board and front cover can slide in to front side of the custom cover and the back screws in to that; not sure how stupid of an idea it's tho :)

I printed a square case with a bigger battery inside and glued to the back of my Aura ed2. But finally go back and was removed,. I prefer the slim original case and an external power bank for emergency cases. The only i need to charge the kobo more times.

My main problem is actually the layout of the wires that are going to bluefly and the line that I use for tying it to my flight deck. When I close the back cover, they get squeezed in there and the back cover is not closing completely. How did you solve this? Can I see a photo when you have time if possible?

Hi, Nice kobo mini case, problem is the new V12 bluefly is 1.5mm taller on the gps module so it wouldn't fit under the cover, any chance of an adjustment in the dimensions.
Kind Regards Dave

Added 1.5mm taller slot for BFV v12 board. Please, let me know if works fine.

Fabulous you're a star, I'll collect all the parts together now and build the next for a friend. Here's a photo of mine.

Kind Regards Dave

Any chance you have a link for your choice in battery? I am delving into this project and when I saw your case I had to indulge.

Sorry, no updated link. Yoy have the battery dimensions and capacity in the description.

I just bought a kobo mini, will I be able to fit a PA6H gps into this case? It looks great.

I don´t know the exactly dimensions of your PA6H breadboard if any, but you can check the pictures as size reference with the PA6H of the bluefly board.

...However while the direct sky facing is the best for GPS antennas you can always to pack the module in heat shrink and mount under the kobo PCB, some people reported good results and no signal lost due the PCB copper.

Sounds good. I will try this, thanks.

Thank you for this case. What's the best for this case: PLA or ABS. And we need 100µ ? or 200µ is ok ?

I use PLA @0.25mm

Your Case is awesome! But the Kobo Mini is actually really hard to find in Switzerland. Is there a similar version for the Kobo Touch 2.0?

Sorry, i own only a mini.
I get mine from Ebay

This is an absolutely awesome case!!! Had it printed with Shapeways, excellently finished and recommended.

All further parts selected with care, some time invested to build and assemble and you're getting a professional looking and very well working instrument! Already proven in real flight.

Thanks a lot for all the hours you put into this project to make it available for the flight-community!!

Anyone making one: Use villamany's paypal link!!

Many thanks Michael! People like you make possible to create these projects.

Super cool and perfectly fitting design - I just got one printed & am about to start assembly.

@ villamany:
Allow a question: How do you remove the battery connector from the Kobo board?
How does the connector open afterwards for fitting the wires of a new battery?
It looks like there's only one chance to get it right, the thing is super small and fragile.
Appreciate any experiences on that!

Pull the white connector.
Cut the wires (one at time for prevent shorting) and insert some heat shrink on each wire. Then solder the connector wires to the new battery ones and apply the heat shrink for isolate.

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Please tell us the max size allowed (LxWxT in 00mm) for an extra battery. I found a 5500mAh 3.7V 95x75x4mm

Thanks for your work.

I think it should fit. Make sure has protection circuit and let us know the real capacity please.


I would like to build one of these but I do not want the extra battery so I would like to reduce the depth of the case. Is there a simple way to edit your STL files to remove a few mm ?
thank you

Sorry, no easy way. Should need a lot of rework. However you can still using this without the extra battery

thank you for your quick answer.
I will try to build one.