Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Mini 5v Generator Using 12v Printer Motor

by martialmedia May 15, 2016
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I'm not entirely certain about the calculations required, but you may want to put a rpm governor on it to prevent burning out the motor. My own project in college which was similar in scope burned out the motor, as a motor which isn't built for energy generation doesn't have a built in rpm governor, or braking system, which prevents overheating and burning out the motor.

do you think we can use a nema17????? i have a few extra of those laying around =]

I don't think it would work.

No fun!!! Idk where to look for a 12v motor......trying to find one in things lol

12v Motors are kind of everywhere. An old printer would have some. You might look at an old scanner. The motor out of an air mattress inflator. Even bathroom fans use 12v motors. They convert from 110 - 12v. My office looks like Sanford & Sons! LOL! I never throw away an electronic. I salvage the parts out of everything. I even pull the IR LEDs out of remote controls before I throw them away. You should consider hording. It's a fun, rewarding hobby. LOL!

I know what you mean I keep a lot of PC parts but now I know where to find 12v I'm trying to keep everything. I want to make the drone with cheap motors but guess it's no good....... I'm heading to parents place to look for old printer, scanner hahaha

Might print one of those planetary gear deals...and back drive it...this way it's smaller but you can get some crazy RPMs if you turn it from the output side, gotta be careful because too high a ratio and it would be too hard to spin

i was thinking a planetary gear and use a nema17 motor from old printer to get 12v out and have a 35:1 or 45:1 ratio so i can get enough rations on the nema 17 =]

Is the gearing ratio suitable for charging a phone or something or does it also require a voltage regulator and/or step-up/down converter or something to make it work as an emergency phone charger or something? (You may need to turn the handle for a while though...)

It wouldn't need a regulator. It puts out around 3.7 volts. It would take some spinning to charge a phone though.

Is the Motor 3d printed?

No. I pulled it out of an old inkjet printer. It's just a small 12v motor, but for some reason, it's more efficient at generating voltage than the others I had laying around.