'ROCKETZ'... Interlocking Storage Stages and Fun Model

by muzz64 May 21, 2016
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Is it possible to make more of stage 3 for taller rockets? or eliminate stage 3 for a shorty one? It's a great model and fun project.

Thanks for your message and sorry for the delay in replying. The challenge with whay you've asked is that each parts outer walls are curved and tapered. Obviously it could be done but would require a significant redesign...

Thanks for the awesome design!

This is a lovely rocket model, I've printed up three w/ various colors in PLA, I'm not savvy in the design aspect of these things so I was wondering if any remixes of this fab start were possibly in the future, like different fins, or capsule shapes, port holes, more stages to stack etc.??? I know I would print many for various kids in our church small group

what could go wrong if I scale this down to 40%? What should I change?

As you scale it down the designed in clearances will also reduce as well as the wall thickness and parts that lock it together. The result of scaling down too much will be a fragile print and it won't fit together.

If you have a well set up machine that prints fine detail well you may get away with 20% but 40% is likely to be too much.

I hope this helps

For some reason, mine isn't locking. I havent scaled up or down. any ideas?

This design shouldn't need any supports when printing in PLA on a machine with an effective filament cooling fan (which most have). ABS is likely to be a different story as it won't deal with the angles and overhangs as well.

I'm obviously not sure where you are having issues but it could also be with your machines ability to bridge. The fact is all machines and slicing apps are different. The images on the this site are of rocketz printed with no supports and plenty of members have had similar results. Unfortunately this really does come down to working through what the local issue is... is it the slicing software, machine or filament (i.e. ABS?)

I hope this helps but really can't suggest anything else because they print great for most people...

In the Thing Details it says not supports are needed put mine needs supports no matter what I do

Did anyone try to scale it up?

Will there be problems with the clearances at lets say 200%?

Scaling it up uniformly should be okay but the clearances will increase proportionally... as a suggestion print the two smallest parts at the required scale to check you're happy with it.

Just finished the bottom 2 stages at 100% and the gap is a bit loose, but 3 dabs of bondic on the holding tabs fixed that.
nice model!

Maybe I'll try one at 150% sometime, but with 2 kids, I first need to print 2 normal ones, don't want to get into trouble. :)

Pleased you have worked out a good solution... and kept your kids happy!

Lovely! I'm going to print this for my kids! Thanks

I like how you you sent my things to the moon without my permission on the 6th image