Giant Hollow Two Color World

by tbuser Jan 9, 2012
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hi tbuster, could you upload one with out the foot and with a small hole thought the top and bottom so I could make a globe pedestal for it please?

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Hi I have a Dual Extruder gMaz 1.5+ how can I make this a standard dual extrusion stl for Simplify3D or Sli3r? thanks

I'm having a really hard time aligning the 2 models in any slicer software. Do you have a version that's properly positioned (aka the 0,0,0 points match up when exporting)?

Giving it a try now. Any catches that I should watch for if youve done it before.

Where's Hawaii and Taiwan at? My friends from Hawaii and Taiwan were upset to see that they are missing.

At last the generation of gcode is fine, but when we start to build it the platform moves down instead of moving up creating a weird noise. Dis anyone else also have the same problem?

I'm having a problem generating gcode for the land .stl using ReplicatorG. The error is "AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'segment'. Anyone else having problems getting this model to work? Any suggestions?

Yes, I have also found this problem but have not been able to find an answer... can anyone help? I have tried many different ways to make this work but haven't had any luck whatsoever. Any suggestions?

How is this modeled? It looks like ReplicatorG needs two STL files, one for each color, to merge. That makes sense. But what modeling tools let you model a single object out of two materials, generating two STLs to then feed RepG?

In sketch up you use 2 different materials. Then select all of one material, hide, export stl, and same for the other material.

Got it. So I guess the right method of generating the two STLs would vary depending on the modeling tool. I can see how to do it in OpenSCAD (put conditionals all over the code to only render the objects that are the desired color). But in a visual modeling tool, that seems trickier. We'll all find out, etc.?

There is no modeling tools that I know of that will do it for you. Basically, you just have to model something and then split the model yourself into two seperate models, one for each color, making sure the objects are positioned so that when they are merged they make the shape you want.

Model both in the same program, connect them as they would be printed.. remark out the second color... generate stl.. unremark the second color and remark out the first .. generate the second stl. :( Havent got to try it yet, because they havent sent me my replicator, but hoping thats the way it works :)

PS... I have been modeling in OpenSCad

Has anyone else had a problem downloading the files? They just open instead of saving :(

right-click, save as

I think a slot for coins in the top and a screw in plug in the base could make this an ideal "World Bank"...

I think a slot for coins in the top and a screw in plug in the base could make this an ideal "World Bank"...