Customizable Vacuum Tool

by Zivbot, published

Customizable Vacuum Tool by Zivbot May 18, 2016

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Can be customized to fit any vacuum cleaner, you can control:
Nozzle length, overlap length,
Width and shape of nozzle,
Material thickness for base (pipe overlap) and for nozzle,
Size of trim at the end of the nozzle

Hope you find it useful, let me know if you have suggestions / requests!

3.2017 - increased maximum values allowed in sliders

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As long as you keep the diagonals tall enough, you will get along without supports for a simple and clean result.


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This is a perfect application of TPU filament! I'm gonna try it out next time I have time to babysit my printer. :)

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The customizer does not work at the moment, and it does not seem like they're putting much effort into fixing it, but if you download OpenSCAD it's pretty simple to customize it there. Never used it before and figured it out in a couple minutes :-)

it fails every time i try to make the thing in customizer

me too, i guess no one cares to fix it.

This is the sort of thing I need for my blower, but it needs internal lugs to hold it in. Is it possible to have an option for that? Sort of like a bayonet light bulb, but on the inside of the tube.

Picture shows the blower with the nozzle off. (I'm missing the nozzle and trying to recreate it).

Its a good idea for addition. I won't get around to it soon, hopefully someone will jump on the task

929 remixes. We don't have enough vacuum cleaners on this planet to justify that lol

How do I do this? What software? You are showing pictures of sliders and customizeable things, but can you tell me what program I need to do this ?

Just click "Open in Customizer" and you can customize it in the browser.

Can anyone tell me if the base is the inner diameter or outer? I am trying to make an attachment for a Shark Vacuum and the pieces go inside the hose not over the outside.

Outer diameter of the crevice tool that comes with the vacuum is 44.6mm and that slides inside the hose on the vacuum,

Base Diameter is the -inner- diameter of the tool.
So outer diameter would be BaseDiameter + 2 x BaseThickness
Don't forget clearance

Can you increase slider to 175 for nozzle A and B

Its possible of course - however it would result in limited ability to control precise numbers in today's scroller based interface.
If you're comfortable doing so, I suggest you download OpenCAD and set any value you want.

OOOooooh!!!! THAT S COOL ..... to clean all small corners in my car, ....
A.W.E.S.O.M.E idea

How to open the the .scad file? I have Solid Works and it isn´t compatible

I'm looking for a customizable tool with an elbow in it. Can that be done using this?

how can I edit it?, i've installed opensad but i don't know how to make appear the sliders

The sliders are not a built-in part of openscad. There's an alpha version that generates them, but last i tried it didn't function reliably.
So its down to changing the variables manually, or uploading your code to thingiverse to play with them online.

This should be included with every vac

Does anyone know if this works for the dust buster

This looked perfect for connecting a vac to my router table. Sadly I need to connect a 100mm dia hose and this doesn't go up that far. I will go back to acad.

Thanks for the idea

this one seems like it might be suited to your needs? http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=44850

Nice Think!! I made one. Thx

Nice Think!! I made one. Thx

Has anyone adapted these for the dyson upright hoover ?

(I.e the connection to the hose with that funny click button connection!)

Hi guys sorry noob here what program do I run this file with ? thanks

Hit the "open in customizer" button, or if you want to get your hands dirty download "OpenSCAD"

See http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1754136 for a Dustbuster attachment.

Customizable Dustbuster[tm] attachment
by larsrc

This is great! Thank you for sharing this. I can't wait to remix this as a backup set for my Shark bag less vacuum. It'll come in especially handy for when I need to clean my car.

Thanks for making this, it has saved me quite a bit of effort in freecad
however there is one thing that I need from a set of vaccum attachments that your script lacks: an offset nozzle which would allow me to vacuum an area I have where there is a small crevice where the bottom is flush with the floor. and while I'm going to be making this tool on my own it may be an option that you want to add to your script.
Still thanks for saving me about 3/4ths of the work I needed to do.

I needed the same thing. I'm making a custom nozzle to attach a vacuum hose to a vacuum table on my homemade CNC and wanted it flat with the table.

So I tweaked the OpenSCAD source a bit and hacked in a nozzle offset: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1776239

It's a really quick and dirty hack I only tested for my use case, but can probably do what you need.

Customizable Vacuum Crevice Tip With Offset

The green attachment from your photo above, looks like a perfect fit for attaching a flexible tube, like some surgical tubing or aquarium hose if you want to get into tight spaces (like inside a pc case) where you can curve the hose and go between wires.

Could you share the numbers you used for the various configurations in your photo of the 6 different possibilities?

Sorry thats water under the bridge. If you're trying to get something specific, let me know which

Great thing! I would like to mount a cnc dust shoe brush on them. Could it be possible to add attachments to it? Maybe a sleeve to put the brush in?

I never thought I would be so excited by vacuum attachments, but 3D printing and customizing makes everything more exciting. And now I can make a shop vac nozzle that actually reaches in all those odd-shaped spaces in my workshop tools. Thank you for this!

Thats great, thank you :) Would love to see what you made

I had a similar idea for another purpose: a version with a "closed" (but perforated) nozzle would be great to clean keyboards without sucking in keycaps!

I also thought its good idea, and made one of those a while ago. Thanks to you I put it online, see if it fits your needs:
I find it quite useful for cleaning up my mess in a non-destructive manner.

Vacuum cleaner workshop safe tool
by Zivbot

Perfect Thing for creating adapters for non-standard dust ports on power tools. Thanks!

Thank you for being awesome and making this customizable file! I'll add a perforated plate inside and this will be used in a laser cutter to suck up small parts instead of having to pick them up one by one :)

[blush] I've been asking myself what should be the next version. Adding a controlled perforated plate as part of the basic code could definetly be helpful for vacuuming the soldering table without hearing the ICs making their way along the pipe.

what about integrating dyson compatibility?

Whats required for Dyson compatibility? I don't have one at hand

I think it'll work fine with Dyson as long as you get the right size. Dyson have this snap fit thing, but, at least for mine, that's not actually a requirement and doesn't enable or disable blowing through some switching mechanism.

Good work! Looking forward to seeing more.

working perfectly! I did one for my Miele vacuum cleaner!

Thanks for telling! Its really nice to know

I needed this!
Thanks for the script.