Wanhao Duplicator i3 (Plus) dampeners for AzzA's Z braces

by docpayce May 18, 2016
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I don't usually bother commenting on things. I was skeptical reading all of the comments here saying it silenced their printer, thinking it was either exaggeration or placebo.

It isn't.

Print these, and use them.

Especially if you have your printer sitting on a cheap echo-chamber-esque, hollow Ikea table. Like me.

These /dramatically/ reduced the noise coming from my printer, the cooling fan is actually the loudest element now, instead of the erratic whine of the stepper motors. I wouldn't say they 'silenced' my printer, but the difference is absolutely night and day.

I would speculate that there are better options, for instance using squash balls as feet, but these don't require any kind of outside products or materials.

Hey! Thank you very much! :)

And yes, there are better options, CNC kitchen has a nice video on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnfYA5QLA84
Some concrete (or any other REALLY HEAVY) plate works, too. But I prefer this ... well ... more light weight solution right now. :)


I'm confused on settings. I've got 0.4mm nozzle, 0.2mm layer height, but what am I supposed to set wall thickness and top/bottom thickness to?

Currently they're on 0.8/0.8. Does that need to change to 1.6 each?

First off, let me say that these dampeners are a MUST HAVE for all Maker Select users. I can't believe how much noise is created by vibrations alone.
I would love to love these, but even with the Z-Brace mod installed, the printer is shaky enough to disrupt some prints (visible and displaced layer lines). Is there any way else I could remove or at least reduce the bouncing of my printer with this mod? I usually print at 50mm/s, so I'll try printing at a slower speed.

Hey! Thanks for that feedback and yes, this is definitely an issue with which you kinda have to live to reduce noise due to vibrations with dampening feets. There is a nice video on this topic by CNC kitchen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnfYA5QLA84 (though admittedly, he does exaggerate a bit in the video - it is not THAT bad during everyday printing in my experience).

For reducing this effect there are several ways to go:

  • Change the response frequency - i.e. stiffer or less stiff feet
  • Change the signal frequency - print slower / faster OR (which is a really cool feature in my books) use the vibration limit mode of Slic3r (http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?1,249581) - though this could impact printing speed a LOT for small prints
  • Use a bigger mass as your printer base instead of your Ikea table. Then you wont need dampening feets anymore. :) Try old grandma's granite kitchen table for instance... and yes, grandma will be ok with this.


these are incredible! thank you so much

You are very welcome, ty for your feedback! :)

These work unbelievably well. Thank you!

NP, glad to be of help. :)

Cool idea, mine are about 80% done now. I’ll put them on tomorrow and if I notice any difference, I’ll print the two center ones you links. Awesome idea!

Update: It's WAY more quiet. Not sure if it's printing smoother or not, but it's definitely no worse!

Thank you! :)

Since installing these and using my home made enclosure there's hardly any noise - wonderful. Thanks for posting these.

Thank you! :)

How well does this fit in an IKEA lack enclosure?

wow, totally underestimated the power of those dampers. printed a set for my wanhao i3 v2.1 with z-brace mod (yes, it fits) and i was seriously blown away when i started the next print after installation. the printer is almost silent now. no funky vibration resonances. its amazing, thank you so much for sharing this mod!

Much appreciated, TY! :)

woops i just printed 4 of these at 20% infill. will they collapse?
sure would hate to waste these.

Depends on how many perimeters you printed it. If it was 3 or more, you should be fine. If it was 2 or even 1, scrap it good. :)

Which reminds me... I should post a picture on how to print them correctly (with the slicer set to the right width etc.)...

thanks, reprinted them with 50%.

i was expecting a sound reduction but not the magnitude of the reduction. Wow!

the noise was starting to get to me , then i put these in. can actually sit in the same room with the printer now.

great design.

Do you know if the teknikk7' addition for the tower will work with the reinforced version or with the original only ?

I am 80% sure that both versions should work just fine.

Incredible difference in noise level. I was also able to print 30% faster and increase movement speed by 20% with same accuracy in result. Great!

I just changed my print X print Y from 1000 - > 800 and z-jerk from 20 - > 8 as alot of people have said.

does this mean with the z-brace and dampeners, i can bump that 800 back to or above 1000? and z-jerk as well?


This ONLY depends on what level of ripples you are willing to accept. The higher you set it, the higher your usable print / move speeds will be. Here is a neat test piece for that:

And some of my results with and without bracing mod:

Btw: As jerk is a very uncritical setting, I always set that to a value equaling acceleration / 100.

Vibration a.k.a. ripple a.k.a. shadow a.k.a. ghosting test
by orcinus
Z braces for Wanhao Duplicator i3, Cocoon Create, Maker Select, and Malyan M150 i3 3D printers.

TY very much! :) Glad to be of help!

I printed these and noticed an immediate drop in noise from the printer. Fast infill movements are silent. Only thing I think I'm hearing now is power supply fan and extruder motor.

I printed the reinforced model in PLA, then did a 4 hour print, no issues so far.

TY for the feedback! :) If you notice any problems further down the line, pls let me know!

Are these for i3+ as the name suggests or will they work with i3 V2 ?

The reinforced work for the i3+ with the z-brace installed.

The name tried to suggest, that they will work for both DI3 V1/V2 and DI3+.

Does it works without Z braces mods?

Uh, dont know... I would say no at first glance... or at least not well. The Z brace mod is so important, though. Let me tell you that imho the z brace mod is THE most important mod on the DI3...

Can you add a little notch in these? Seeing as they are printed the way they are, a 45 degree ramp would be fine.

It helps with them slipping out during printing, check out the middle braces for an example:

I just realised that the brace it sits on is flat - but it does have a hole for the threaded rod still you can put a bit on.

Wanhao Duplicator i3 (MIDDLE) Dampeners for docpayce Dampeners with AzzA's Z Braces

Do they really slip on your printer? :O That literally never happened to me, as the surface roughness "bit" into the brace foot so hard, the foots were not able to move into any direction at all up to now. Maybe you are using the dampeners for the middle part of the DI3? In that case you have six supports, two of which will have to carry nearly nothing and therefore may slip around (to) easily. *

I would honestly rather not add any bit onto the surface, as then you would have to print different sets for the front & back. I do like the as-easy-as-possible "print four and go" approach quite a bit tbh.

(*): In all honesty, I still think adding the dampeners to the middle section is not needed. :3 I got it floating from day 1 and never ran into any issues.

Probably THE upgrade for my i3+.
Before I could hear the vibrations in the whole house, now I can even work in the same room.
The wife loves it and allows the printer to run 24/7 now:-)
THANKS docpayce!

Thank you very much! :D

Wow. Just tried these and I can hardly hear the steppers. And my bearings are quite worn and the noise used to be significant. Thanks. :)

Thank you! :)

I'm wondering if by not putting 2 more of these under the Z axis, the Y frame is inclined to bow? Does the stiffness of 6 dampeners harm prints more than possible Y frame bowing? Has anyone had better results by adding hard foam in the gaps? Nice contribution Docpayce.

You mean like these? It reduced sway and sits much better now.


Wanhao Duplicator i3 (MIDDLE) Dampeners for docpayce Dampeners with AzzA's Z Braces

Yes teknikk7. Your print quality is near perfect. How much more improvement do you notice now with the additional dampeners?

jadames, there is a simple test that I used. Looking at your printer straight on, tap on either Z axis (near the top) and notice the sway. Print the middle dampeners and do the same test. You will notice it no longer rocks from side to side.

Thank you, I had to recreate from scratch and am happy with how they came out.

TY teknikk for answering everything! :) Will update the description and link to your thing. (Should've done so sooner)

Thank you docpayce!

i cant hear such a great difference..

You mean in real life or in the video? If latter: Listen with headphones. Mainly the low frequencies are cancelled out, which you can't hear on your laptop speakers for instance. Will possibly upload a better version in the future though.

Comments deleted.

Going to try them on the plus... wish me luck :D

The plus is alot heavier so il recommend 2 on each foot (:

So as i understand all the printer need to be on air?

Yes, exactly. The whole printer is sitting on four dampeners - nothing underneath.

What are all the other mods you have. Your Wanhao looks like its in full beast mode.

Well, not so much tbh:

  • Microswiss MK10 Hotend (so nice - no clogs, no problems - after 1 km of printed filament)
  • Azza's Braces + z axis extension + dampeners (doh... ;) )
  • Diiicooler (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1025471) with Sunon radial fan (can't let it run @100%, because it cools down the print TO MUCH... :) I let it run at 70%)
  • LM8LUU's + adapters printed in PLA on both x and y axis (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1173140)
  • Small stuff (cabletied the y axis idler, nylon nutted the bed spring screws to the heated bed, printed some bed leveling finger knobs to replace those wing nuts)

That's all there is. Not so much. Biggest impact: Cooler + Azza's braces. Then MK10 hotend. The LM8LUUs didn't change to much imho. A bit better than before.

Last thing I wanna mod: IKEA enclosure (http://makerhacks.com/ikea-3dprinter-enclosure/) with temperature controlled fan. :) Will be a thing for sure.

DiiiCooler for Wanhao Duplicator i3 / Maker Select
LM8LUU Bearing Blocks
by chinkel

Wow I was sceptical at first but made a set of these last night. Man this is by far the best mod I have added to my I3.
Absolutely genius, Thanks DocPayce, just brilliant ; ) : )

Thank you very much, much appreciated! :D

Is it OK with 4 of these, that is to say the tower not being supported in the middle?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Additional feet would not help a lot more: The tower is stable in z direction, so it doesn't need any grand support below. And using 6 instead of 4 feet will further overdetermine the whole system, which also isn't helping necessarily. Chances are that with 6 feet, a few would carry a lot of weight (especially the one on the left side of the tower - where the X stepper motor is) and others much less. Never tested it though, just my hunch on things. :)

No worries I've stuck the 4 in, straight away no more rumbling through the table top. I just wasn't sure if it would bow in the middle.
Just off to fit my 2.1 upgrade kit.

Hrm... I have a remixed version of Azza's mod from here:


I'm thinking this wouldn't fit...? (Removing the adjustable feet of course)


Well, it would fit, I think, just not as snuggly as the original. You could still slide the dampeners underneath that part, which holds the M8 nut. I think...

Thanks for thing! Excellent noise reduction!

Very nice and it makes my printer much more quite due to less vibration to the table. Has anyone experimented with added 8 of these on their printer since you can place them on the opposite side of the block at the feet?


Go for it, try it, but I wouldn't expect anything great tbh. As you increase the number of feet, you increase the spring constant. I.e. the resonance frequency of the dampened system will increase, meaning that the tendency of higher frequencies being transported to the table actually increases.

tl;dr version: Adding more dampeners will not result in a more silent system.

It would even make more sense to try the opposite: Print the dampeners with a lower z-scaling (dampeners with less height). For instance, try some 16 mm dampeners instead of 20 mm height. That will lower the resonance frequency further and dampen more effectively. Drawback: The whole system will become more and more wobbly.

So I never got around to putting a set of 8 on since the plastic that was originally on there has formed and compressed a bunch. When adding the extra 4 on it made it eleven since some of the dampeners were compressed.

I have an extra set of these now and I will probably end up replacing the old ones since they are so compressed. I'm not sure if you have experienced this deformation

A little compression within the first days is normal, but the dampeners never deformed so much for me that one or more became inactive (i.e. just a few mm seperation between upper and lower part). Did you print at 100% fill / flow rate? I experienced quite a dip in stiffness when printing at 90% flow rate instead of 100%.

Maybe I will post some reinforced versions with a larger gap to give more tolerance for the compression... yeah, I should do that. Will be done in a few days.

Right a little compression is normal the first couple of days. I have had these on for about 3-4 weeks. I printed at 100% PLA. The gap between the top and bottom are fairly close but not touching. I can post a picture once I get home

Hey! Give the new ones a try. Should work much better. :)

I printed them and they seem to be fairly stiffer than the original ones I had. Here is the compression it has left on my old ones after a couple of weeks. http://imgur.com/C3SKkQi

"Fairly sitffer": Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Did it influence the dampening in any manner? TY!

I would say good, it hasn't made any noticeable difference in sound or performance compared to the original. I think the larger surface area will help keep the original shape better

Printing right now

Okay, then I will definitely post some reinforced versions with a bigger gap. Should be better to use with a broader variety of PLA's. Seems I got lucky and got a rather stiff one...

Very nice adaptation!

Choice, we can't have enough of it!

This will suit some people most well.

This is VERY interesting. I think I'm going to print and test.

Looking forward to your report. :)