Alien Life Chess Set

by ethanjurman May 19, 2016
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What program did you make this with.

Blender (I listed it in the design tools! :D)


Have sent u a tip, awesome design, I collect chess sets, I have one or two, well over 130 sets now, my first 3d printed set, I dont mind them not being weighted as they are displayed along with the others. I've just printed one half at the moment, couple more weeks !

Really nice set, thanks.

Awesome designs! I did a fairly solid print but the only downside is they aren't weighted like normal chess pieces. I would suggest redesigning them with a small circular slot in the bottom that fits a figgit spinner bearing.

Hey! It's definitely something I've considered (more so with coins/ quarters). I might get around to it at some point. Glad the prints came out okay!

Great design! Printing it right now.
But why it is so low poly? =(

Hey! glad you like the design! :D
I do like low poly designs in general (check out my other chess set lol), but I was going for an aesthetic that in it of itself doesn't require too much detail. Plus it has the benefit of being able to be printed on most consumer model printers (whose print resolution sometimes misses finer details).

That being said there are a ton of bevels are tiny details that I could've removed to make it even MORE low poly lol.

Wow, sweet designs and I'm diggin that filament.

great how much $ is that i wanna buy it

Hey! While i don't personally sell it you can download it and get someone else to print it! You can also click "order this printed" as i have that enabled (have no idea if that works or not lol). Alternatively you can buy it from this etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/482975552/alien-life-chess-set-3d-printed?ref=pr_faveshops
The guy there is excellent and i even got a set for myself from them. Shipped pretty quick and quality was really good.

Since my hobby is collecting chess sets, I've seen thousands (mostly on eBay). Very, very few show any signs of artistic value. (Most are just kitsch like Civil War, Star Trek, etc.)

This is the first one in several years I'd consider adding to my collection. Good job!


oh hey look theres a marker from dead space... lol

Haha yeah, as I mentioned in the description, heavily inspired by the aesthetic from dead space. I think it's really cool, especially the 3d prints of it. I should really look into playing it soon!

Very cool chess set! A 3D Hubs customer recently came to us with this design and had us print marbles for the pieces to hold, and she was very happy with the result as were we! Thanks Elena for your support and for directing us here, and thanks to ethanjurman for sharing this cool design!

Just checked your Twitter & Instagram page- I feel extremely honored! You guys are awesome!

Thanks Ethan, beautiful design.

You are welcomed! Awesome make of it btw!

would these part work printed at 70% scale?

1sPiRe made this set at 75% (here http://www.thingiverse.com/make:246921)... so they might know better than me. Sorry :p I should invest in a 3D printer eventually lol.

Alien Life Chess Set
by 1sPiRe

I really have a crush for those designs! I'm printing them at the moment and i have to say that they print really easily and look very nice!
Good job ethan and thank you for sharing!

I just spot one mistake on the 2 stl sets : watch out the knights are flying over the ground.

Will share a make soon.

Awesome! If you find any other issues/ improvements I can make on the set please share them... I can try to work to fix them. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

UPDATE: JUNE 20th 2016: Uploaded new versions of King and Knight (and updated FullSet and PieceSet for those respective changes). I can say that I'm now really pleased about how all the pieces came out- sorry for making so many changes. This will be my last change for a while (unless there is a glaring issue that needs resolving). Any feedback is welcomed, design or otherwise. Thanks!

I'm adding this set to my sets to test filament with.


My one complaint is that scaled down to 60%, so that it matches the 1" base size of the rest of my collection, some of the already fine details get really fine. Not too fine to print, but pretty close. I'd love a chunkier version. Just basically make the thinnest parts of the King, Queen and Bishop twice as thick, except at the tips. If you're willing.

Awesome! I can modify it... I'll have something in a little bit!

i would suggest that if your going to upload a chess set, to upload a full set of pieces for each player.

I disagree. This is perfect for my collection.

i think cookiedragon is right i would like to have all peices and board ill print it shortly

a full set is only 6 pieces, and thats what I see that he's offering. 2x rook 2x bishop 2x knight 8x pawn 1x king 1x queen so you would just need to duplicate each piece 1 time and a pawn 7 times to print a full et.

^ I mean, like duh people. It is actually easier this way ^

ohh yea im so silly just print this 2 times

yes that is true, but includeing them in one file would amke someone who say prints the 3d images at a library for 1$ it would only cost 2$ for an entire game insyed of 18$, its also more conveniant for people who dont know how to edit or modifiy the fiels to be includeing on one board.

i also sujjest makeing the models bigger, tinkercad keeps sayign they are over 6000% too small

Done & Done!
I thought 1 blender unit should be treated as 1 meter (which it is in the application)... but I realize most 3d printing applications are ready for mm units (especially tinkercad). I have uploaded all the files so you should be good to go!

If you have any other comments or concerns, just say so! Also if you get this printed, I'd love to see it!