High-Poly Realistic Bulbasaur

by 3DCentralVA May 20, 2016
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Great model! You should look into doing the other 2 starters in the same detail.

I did a couple of these. It is very nice.

had problems with the rear bloom transition popping up on me which made the form pop off the glass. i guess that's why there should be some support...

Really a beautiful design! Great detail, printed really well scary fast on my MakerGear M2 in green PLA with a tiny bit of easily-removed slic3r-generated support. The only issue is scale: this isn't dimensioned in mm, is it? I first guessed cm, and that's very pretty, but small. I'm now guessing inches?

What were the settings for this?

Printed at .2mm layer height! Looks pretty sharp, right? :D

Was there any support generated?

The picture of the Bulbasaur you printed was that how it came out of the UP! Box ? Seriously? (if so WOW). No kidding that printer costs so much.....

Great Model! Thank you. Printed one for my daughter. :)

How long is the print time? :)

That depends alot upon the type of printer you have, your printer settings and how big you scale the object. They can't really answer that question for you. :)

Wish the planter version was this detailed! lol

No doubt it soon will be.