SimChair mkII (outdated, use MKIII version instead)

by hc625ma May 20, 2016
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This looks awesome! I've been doing some simple hack on joystick parts and stuff, and some gimbal work, but this is great.
Can't wait to print it out and assemble :)

Glad you like it mate!) Please tell me if you run into some problems, i will gladly try to help. If you need help with unojoy configuration, let me know)

Have you seen this model for the collective controls? Looks like it would go nicely with this :) http://damienstpierre.com/blog/?page_id=337

Looks nice! I definitely have to try printing it)) But then it will look like it's missing Bell-style pedals :D

Where do you get your aluminum profile at? Checked McMaster-Carr and they don't have 4 sided profile, and there's nothing like that in my local area :/

Seems like they also have some tubes: https://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-aluminum-hollow-tubing/=17zg57v

You may have to scale things a bit as I've used metrically sized tubes. Epic store BTW, it's a pity I have nothing like this around)

Aha :) I was searching Ali Express and McMaster for aluminum profile and got all kinds of UChannel and T stuff but no full square tubing :)
Only have a couple of small parts left to print for the rudder :D
Canada's metric for most science based stuff but we're still on the crappy imperial system for our construction materials. I'm guessing it's to make trade with the US easier :/

Lol, seems the biggest problem with hardware is to find how it is called :D I hadn't even known about the existence of furniture sleeves before I accidentally ran into them while wandering in a hardware store :D

UnoJoy was pretty straightforward. :) Had to get updated drivers for the DFU programmer for Flip to work properly, but then all was good :)
I've got some Pro Micros and a Teensy 3.1 here too, so have a few options for handling the input :)