Print-in-Place KILLBOT mini v2.1

by ThreeHamsWillKillHim May 21, 2016
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It printed out really well thank you! The movable parts work well too.


I tried so may settings, the first one I printed didnt have this issue and the best I can tell nothing changed. All print attempts do this now .

Printer ender 3 pro

Most all my other prints are good. But looking at that image how could the model disform like that? It's like the separate pieces moved?

Maybe a bit late to comment on this but...
Have you tried using brim settings? Worked nicely for me. A bit of cleanup to do afterwards but worth it.

Comments deleted.

Having the same shoulder problems others reported. Printed great right up until that point.

Just wonderfull ! Perfect print on Dagoma NEVA and Chromatik white filament ! Thank you very much for this GREAT job ! Kisses from France to Israel...

You're welcome, thanks for the kind words, it's been a day where I need kind words...

A bad day for love and freedom... but we are more strong than bad peoples !

Same here left shoulder needs fixing had to use a raft to print this arm kept falling off lol apart from that well put together thanks for the upload

I tried to print it, but left shoulder has fallen off. After studying the file in Z-SUITE (I have Zortrax M200 printer) there is a gap between build in support and bottom of the left shoulder. right shoulder is completly fine and it was printed ok. Model is simply not simetrical as far as arms are concerned.

I would say that's impossible but let me check first...

ok, let me know when you check it. I can provide you with screenshots that might help you to find what's wrong.

I did check. Looks symmetrical. Send away please...

How do we remove the supports from the arm?

I've had two prints fail to make the arms correctly. Any thoughts on what to try?


Print-in-Place KILLBOT mini v2.1
by perchik

I printed this third time lucky I had to print with a raft at a slower rate I have just upgraded my Anet A8 with titan and v6 and I thought I would print this as a first test to my delight not my printer thank god

I ended up with a successful print after 10 tries. It kept failing on the elbow-shoulder transition point. To successfully print, I automatically added supports in Cura, but had to change the settings to support overhangs of 50degrees or more. (The default is 60degrees). I did not remove the built-in supports, but ironically those supports were too steep and unsupported, so it automatically added supports to the supports.

It's a neat model, but the joints are all so loose that I can't get the robot to actually hold a pose. Perhaps slightly overprinting would fix it.

Same problem here. The built in supports is not actually supporting the arms so they end up printing midair. I will try and add manual supports to fill the gap and see if that works.

the supports should be able to support... do u mean that they topple/detach before the arms start?

maybe all they need is a flat base.

i'll do that and reupload.

The supports are attached to the base ok. Problem is that the sholders are not actually touching the supports. There is a gap between the sholder and the support.

i see... it's a 0.3mm gap, while most supports use 0.2 or 0.1...
what's the layer height u used?

Great little robot with kill instinct and a heart to switch on. My kids love this little guy. Printable in many sizes, but more fun and easier to move parts when it is printed bigger.