BD's Tarantula X-Axis Motor and Idler Mounts

by bdwalker1 May 22, 2016
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They only fixed with the Inserts to the Profile?

That and the tension of the belt. When you tighten the belt it will provide more than enough force to hold these mounts securely in the v-slot extrusion.

Thanks, it works like a charm :)

Thanks, it works like a charm :)


I finished the upgrades,and i belive that some of us need this , i hope it will be helpful.Thank you.

Mounts upgraded with nuts hole

Ok first of all thank you for the files.

Second i read some comments and if you cannot handle by yourself how to use those( even with the pictures that the owner provided) then how you instaled yout printer?

Third, sir i think your mounts need some upgrades , wich by the way im gonna do them and post them.

And the las thing ,my printer did them very well ,and i hope all upgrades i printed will gonna make a great team.again thank you.

How TF are you supposed to put tensionblock togerher?

I added a few pictures that should help show you how the tensioner parts fit together.

How am I supposed to adjust the endstop? How do I even fit the M3 screw in the endstop adjuster? How do I tighten/loosen it to adjust the endstop? I'm so confused, I need a photo xd

My printer might be printing a little under scale but I found that I need to add grub screws to the fingers that slide into the extrusion to add enough stability. Other than that, great parts, Thanks for sharing.

What screws and nuts are needed to install the motor mount and the belt tensioner parts? I am using 3 wheel brackets.

Seems these have to be printed with supports?

Yes, unless your printer has some phenomenal bridging capabilities you will likely need to use supports to print this on an FDM 3D printer. I printed in ABS and found the supports pretty easy to remove. I think in PLA or PETG the removal may be more challenging.

Made these Z-Carriage support brackets http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1732109
They make your x-axis belt-tensioner much more secure and tight. Great work by the way, I really like you parts :)

Tarantula Z-Carriage Stabilizer

can you please uplaod a full assembled picture. I dont know where to put each part.

There are multiple options available in the files section. You don't have to print/use all the files. You choose the motor mount with or without the "leg" for the Z endstop. There is a static idler pulley mount as well as an idler pulley mount with tension adjustment. I have not actually assembled & installed the adjustable tension version on my printer, but other users in the Tarantula Facebook group have.

okay, so i can use the motor mount w/o Z-stop as well as the adjustable idler pulley? Thanks, I was so confused... :)

I was thinking... There's nothing stopping you from using these for Y too!

Do you have a version that can work for the Stock Y mount? w/ that lower appendage it wouldn't work on the Y really. Seems like just that part would have to be chopped off to make it work for the Y?

Nope, 0 issues using these for Y! There's a version without the endstop and it only goes down to the bottom of the aluminium, no further.