Penny Shooter

by clide Jan 13, 2010
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Great, I'll try to do my own version and if compartire .. Thanks works, did not know this format.

Genial, voy a tratar de hacer mi propia version y si funciona la compartire.. Gracias, no conocia este formato.

I also live in australia so I made the hole big enough for ten cent pieces :)

I'm so close to finishing my own penny shooter without me even knowing about this website I just looked at pictures and measured out everything my way. 8-)

Can i just buy one i am VERY Very lazy (not)i just don't want to buy all the materials and mess up. so can i buy an amazing new penny shooter O:-) :) ;)

how can I contact you clide?...I'd like to ask something about this card shooter. you can contact me through http://cutandfold.infocutandfold.info

Required tools laser cutter?!

I am pretty sure my xacto knife can manage this, and probably nearly as quickly as the Laser Cutter.

By all means, cut it with whatever tool you like. "Required Tools" is the heading built into the Thingiverse template. If I could I would change it to "Recommended Tools". I didn't want to add other possible options to the tools list because it seems like an implied 'and' rather than 'or'. Plus there are all kinds of different tools you could use.

throwing your money away, I say

Indeed. Although it also works pretty well as a money savings device. Shoot pennies around your house or office and they will find their way into all sorts of places. Next time you move or rearrange you'll find pennies everywhere. :)

Since I use a Craft ROBO, I would cut several sets of the thick pieces and then glue them together to achieve the penny's thickness, then proceed as directed. :)

Yep that should work too. That's how I made my earlier catapult card, built up several layers to get the thickness I needed.