Iron Throne

by Revennant Sep 29, 2013
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I also tried to print this, and it doesn't work at all. File is bust. Don't waste your time until the author fixes it.

As you can see by the photos and other ppl makes, it works fine. It's you that don't know how to operate a 3d printer

I tried to print this 3 times last night and every time it tried to start the print above the print bed. Anyone find a solution for this?

What is your print speed for this model?, i put 60% but could not get the handle of the sword print smoothly.

Hi, it's an awesome model, did you made the hi-res version?, i'm in the middle of printing this now. Thanks.

This is the GOOD one!

Would you please upload the finished dock stl? I'm looking to print the exact dock you printed.

Fantastic model. Did you print this with supports? Thanks!

Hi how are you doing ? I wanted to know if it is possible for me to provide the original file to make a couple of modifications, greetings

it is the original file, just convert it to whatever format you like.

I am trying to print but there is a gap between the base...around .35 and this I can't print. any tip?

I'm having the same problem. Print starts above the print bed I've tried multiple slicing software.

I was having this issue using Cura 15.04. Once i swapped to the newer Cura 3.2.1 everything went fine. I've found 15.04 has a few problems on complicated prints

just print it , it will print fine

I've tried printing the high res one a few times but the base keeps warping even if I print with a brim, can you do the model without the base please?

Just drop the model in your slicer below the bed, to where the chair is only on the platform. No need to remodel it.

Comments deleted.

Hi, I was wondering if by any chance you can print something in a larger scale. I would be really interested in buying from you. I'm looking for just the back of the chair to be life size, I'm hosting a game of thrones baby shower and would love to have this. Please let me know if you're interested.

do i have to use any support ?

I didn't for the 15 cm model, for the larger dock i did.

Do you mind to upload the phone dock? I tried to do a phone dock in the high res model, but im not familiar in meshmodeling. I can only do stuff in solidworks :(

Awesome looking "thing" first of all, the only thing I cant understand why did You lose 14 14 14 14 14 14h of Your printer life for that.

Looking awesome but cant understand

And what if something went wrong after 12 hours...

Wtf? Are you new to this Hobby? Because it isnt wasted time at all if you like a Model like this and Second of all the print failing is always possible so are you saying that you shouldnt Print anything big or complicated?

What resolution would you recommend printing the high res model at so that all of the detail can be shown? Amazing model btw.

I printed in 0.27 and came out ok, look at the pictures

Hi, can you please post the high res model? Tons of people would love to print it. Thanks!

i just made the low rez one and it looks great ! would love to print one out larger at higher rez... thanks for uploading this :)

Hi.. nice work .. really nice. Congrats... are you planning also to upload the high resolution model? Thanks!

will consider uploading the high res....

+1 please post a high quality model

This is great! May I ask if you have a higher quality .stl? If you do, I'd love to see it! If not, This one is great!

Seconding a request for a higher-poly model! Your throne model is already excellent, but I'd like to test the full print volume on my lastest delta machine and this is just the sort of thing I'd like to print BIG

real nice dude! just some skulls are missing for my taste.
but u got a very good desing on that.