MK10 Hotend Leveler

by MakerUnit May 23, 2016
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the video doesn't work..

Any way that I could get this file on Fusion360 or CAD? I would like to modify the block to cut it in a high speed milling machine for better accuracy. Thanks.

I would like the CAD file as well, or at least the dimensions on a drawing of the part so I can mill one out of an aluminum block at work. My printer is disassembled right now and I cannot print one, stupid me for not thinking ahead. I also cannot find anywhere to purchase one, one would think FlashForge would sell one but they don't. Thank You.

Hi Mark. I will take some measurements at home today and post it here. I printed one and after I milled a couple of them at work, one out of aluminum and another out of clear acrylic.
Both of them are a little off so I measure my print heads out of the space in between instead. I can cut a .040 or .063 aluminum plate for them or get a gage measuring tool from HF to made these work.
Other than that they work just fine and after adjusting my flashforge CP base plate everything is printing great.
I had attached the mill-out file if you want to use it.

Thanks, work is going to let me use the 3D printer there to print one.

Got it printed on the resin printer at work today.

Awesome part! Might I make one suggestion though? Could you add a variant that has holders that keep the heater blocks straight? When I tighten my nozzles I notice that my heater blocks move a little bit.

Good design, makes leveling the extruders very easy.

Comments deleted.

I heard PLA frequently jams inside an all-metal hotend. How has printing PLA worked for you, any problems?

My experience PLA jammed the very first time I tried printing with it, my very first print. I only got about half way through the print. A couple of things I believe I did wrong that might have contributed to the jam. First I read after the fact that Flashforge recommends printing PLA on the left excruder due to cooling fan placement and I put it in the right one. Second is being a novice to tried printing without stipulating that I was using PLA which you need to do when in Simply 3D so my excruder heated up to 230 C instead of recommended heat of no higher than 200 C. Taking apart the excruder assembly to remove the blockage I found that the PLA had created a blockage just about the PFTE tube. Easy enough to clear with the assembly disassembled. One thing I Flashforge had was an exploded view of the entire assembly. A couple of small plastic spacers fell out and it took me a little while to figure out where the small one belonged. I did not want to take the left one apart to find out. I could not see on the disassembly videos where they went because they all left the fan and heatsink together where I did not. The good news is I am now very familiar with taking apart and putting this assembly back together. My problem now is the left print excruder is slightly lower than the right so I want this jig to best set them up equally. Do I try PLA again in the right or use ABS in the right. I cannot use the left one till they are aligned equally.

if you pre-heat your extruders before you do any printing then pla should just flow through the nozzle from the heat anything left in the

Hello MakerUnit,

could you please write an instruction how to level the hotends? In the video I cannot see any part which instructs one how to level them.

Thank you for your help

Hi Freiser77,

In order to level the hotends you must disconnect the fans, motors, and screws from the aluminum bar.

Loosen black grub screws in the the aluminum bar with a hex screwdriver.
Push the hot ends up into the aluminum bar.
Place the aluminum bar into the hotend leveler.
Secure the aluminum bar to the tool with two screws on the bottom.
Press down the hot ends until they come in contact with the tool.
Remove the two screws used to secure the aluminum bar
Tighten the black grub screws in the the aluminum bar.

Thank you for your description.

Did you ever get around to making a video of how to level the nozzles? I just picked up my flashforge creator pro a month ago and one nozzle is slightly lower than the other and its driving me nuts. If you didn't create a video then could you give me some steps as to how to adjust the nozzle height? I tried taking it apart and moving the nozzle lower but couldn't get it to move downwards it just twisted a bit on its axis.

Hi g4hsean sorry for the very late response I have been busy lately. Anyways if your having problems moving your nozzle I would recommend that you use a drill vises to push the hotend out. Then use a semi circular file to remove the deformed aluminum that was created by the tightening screw. Anyways I hope this helps you.