InductriksMaxi, - Inductrix inspired micro FPV Quad trainer

by Teilchen May 24, 2016
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What are the 2 springy loopy holes on top of the frame for?

By the way, a very simple (in a great way) and elegant design. I too am learning rate mode on tiny whoops (yup, even in 2017 silly noobs have to start from somewhere, nobody is born with FPV goggles built in) and want some cheap(ish) simple machine with old parts collecting dust that is larger than the whoop and can handle calm outdoors as well as indoors, with no programming at all (plus I can brag to people that I printed it when they ask and can have any color frame I want...). I built a decent 250 last year and am afraid to fly it (and have no idea if my PIDs are good or bad because my flying is terrible). This will help get some skill and confidence going, so thanks for sharing!

The loopy holes are just my initial DB, written like db :).
I went quickly through this one into a 110mm brushless realm... there will be a design available soon, but there are plenty out there already...

Thanks, looks cool. I printed a few (very easy to print, design is excellent) in PLA, took one print and bashed it around the concrete pavement and threw it hard against trees, survived no worse than fancy expensive frames. Put on an old nanoQX2 FPV board and some 8.5 mm motors. The only issue I'm having is flight time. I used some Lectron 1s 600mah 35C I had laying around and only get about 2.5 minutes of flight max before it comes crashing down with a blinking red light. Is that Turnigy you used so much better? I'm also noticing the batteries are very hot after flight and they cut off at around 3.7-3.8V, which tells me there is a power issue (wires? connectors? battery?)

I was using a turnigy 1s 600mAh battery with a JST connector. There is only one that fits the holders underneath... Flying times were like 4-5minutes, depends on the style. I had a bunch of batteries, so that was OK for me.

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Nice. Do you have a design that will work with 6x15 motors?

Sorry, but no.
I have switched to the brushless design quite fast. A customizable brushless frame will be coming soon!

Awesomeness - thanks!

The ducting probably more than makes up for the added weight. Very nice!

Made on and I like the design and it flys well. However, it is a little noisy with 8.5mm motors and lady bird props (I fly non-ducted 8.5mm motors as well) . As I understand it; ducting a prop is supposed to make it more efficient and quieter. Also, the clearance between prop and duct is supposedly very important for optimum efficiency.

Has anyone played around with props or different diameter on the ducts?

The "ducts" are just for looks and prop (or surroundings) protection. If you read a few posts below, you will see, that they where not calculated to increase the performance, or anything... In fact, I believe they will even eat up some thrust...
The frame was designed around the Hubsan x4 props. LadyBird props are a tiny bit longer, Perhaps that is why you have excessive noise. I do have some to test, but first I have to cut through the stock of Hubsan props, which is hard since I hardly need any with this quad :).

My flying skills have got much better since I designed this frame, so my next step would be to print one without the ducts to save weight and learn more aggressive flying :).

Are u using the nano qx fpv 1 or 2 control board?

Awesome design, man! I am thinking of converting cheaper quads like the Eachin H8 or JJRC 1000A into a "poor man's tiny whoop" Thanks for sharing, definitely going to give this model a try.

Smart man, I used a 20 degree angle on mine. So less steep that yours. I think a little acetone smoothing and you'll get even more efficient airflow.

Thanks, but I do not think that these ducts actually work as an impeller... I would not be surprised if they eat up a Little bit of thrust.
To me they are just a cool looking prop protection.

any chance you releasing the inventor file?

Sorry, but no. This was my first model in Inventor, so it would be a shame to release it as such :)

Not sure I understand your reply. If you are worried about the quality of design because it is your first file, I think that it would still be useful.

Hi Telichen, I just joined thingiverse to find out more about this. I have also just started flying fpv and am looking for something more powerful and better looking than my nano qx, yet maintains the safety of prop guards. Are you selling this? How do I purchase one? Sorry for the newb question but I don't have a 3d printer and I don't know how I could have one printed.

Thanks in advance for your help!

What transmitter do you use with the bladenano qx board? Would it work with my taranis?

Hi, Blade products have Spektrum technology... I am not sure if Taranis is compatible... Orange RX is, as far as I know.
Yet again, I designed it around the components I already had.
But you can use any board which is below 35x35mm in size.

i just noticed the fan blades are going the way for the scisky fc i was going to put in it. when you get a sec could you make a frame with them going the other way?

Hey yes, that would be OK, but you will have to wait 2-3 Weeks, since I am on vacation now :)
Sorry :)

thanks man i can wait ,injoy your vacation.

I second that request, this looks great, but I use scisky FC's.

Btw, what CAD tool do you use, I don't suppose it is 123D Design by any chance as I would love to tweak it myself?

I just started tweaking STLs, tried probably 5 programs before settling with SketchUp. I feel the learning curve isn't as bad as other programs if you don't know what you're doing (like me).
Download the STL extension and you can import and export STLs.

Thanks I'll take a look at it.

Well, I used Autocad Inventror for this... Not sure if I can make a 123Design export there...

Well it certainly looks great but I think that is a bit heavy for my use.

Well yes, it is more like a trainer with 71 grams...

Sorry I didn't mean the weight of the quad, I meant that Inventor seemed a bit heavy duty for my needs and skills. :-)

So, did the frame with fan arms (AKA stators) in opposite orientation ever get made?

Unfortunately this frame is set up for Eflite motor orientation... left front motor counter clockwise etc... No other manufacturer of quads or flight controllers or flight control software utilizes this motor orientation.

Therefore, if you put anything but an Eflite control board on this frame; you will have a VVVery noisey and inefficient quad.


Well, no, actually...
I grew out of this frame pretty fast. And there is no reason to make it, since you can connect the right motors the right way for the frame, and use a CLI command like 'set yaw_motor_direction = -1' (Betaflight) or 'set yaw_direction = -1' (Cleanflight) to make the quad yaw the right way. I did it this way after the abgrade to F3 Brushed controller, and it flies just fine.
However, this frame is only perfect for the blade controller, since there is no easy USB access to flash the board if you would use a new FC, unless you mount it on the top, which is kind of contra-productive... and it is pretty heavy.

There are a lot of spinoff frames around to use them with various F3 brushed boards!

what are on the motors in the pictures? shrink wrap?

Yes, a plane shrink tube :)
I was using printed motor caps first, but quickly realized that a shrink tube will do just fine as-well. Just make it a bit longer to protect the motors.
Besides that you can personalize your quad even better now /)

i was thinking about making up one of these...but since you did already ill just use yours...thanks for saving me 8 months of time...lol

This is the print I have been waiting for!

Is there room for a Beefs board?

Hi, I do not have any Beefs boards at hand, but anything around 35x35mm will fit just fine... (perhaps even close to 40mm).
I am on vacation at the moment, do not have any means to measure more precisely :).

Sounds good, I'll see how it goes!

Really nice frame. I am probably going to make one too, but I'm not sure where to get a nano qx board.

Thanks mate, got this on the schedule to be printed asap, wish I sent this one before the Brushless, as I don't have the brushless motors yet


DJ105, 105mm brushless quadcopter

You Sir, are a genius! I wanted to make one too but my CAD skillz are as bad as my Acro/rate flying skillz :D
I will certainly print this and test and give feedback! Thanks for taking the time to do this for the rest of us.

Thanks man, I am looking forward to your feedback!