Raspberry Pi 7 Inch Touchscreen display case

by luc_e May 24, 2016
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To rglory. Please click on "Remixes" some 3D printing colleagues added a fan. Great you like the design.

Great job! Having back panel with fan mount would be even better!

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How much room is available under the wide part of the bezel/backing plate behind the monitor (off to the sides of the Pi)? I'm wondering if I could add a LiPo battery and power controller to the left and right of the Pi. If there's not enough room, I'd look into modifying the backing plate so there is a bit of headroom to place these components there.

Hi Olivier, Great you liked the design and love to see all the great and functional additions build here.

Hi Luc_e,

I just printed it and it's just what I needed.

I'm using it for my home automation system and printed the one without the HDD support and set it up, so that the power cables come out at the bottom.

To attach it to the wall, I created a wall mount to go along with it: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3350643

// Olivier

Wall mount for Raspberry Pi with 7" screen

What all pieces do I need to print for the basic case?

Hi Ghammons77. this is what you need as basis

If you want a little door to access your SD card you can print the below in replacement of the above Raspi7inch_Case.stl

Enjoy 3D printing!

Hi Mhodder, Didn't realize I left it out. Added now. Happy printing.

Great design, I printed it and everything fit great. I see you have the source files for the case and the back cover, any chance you can share the source for the front screen holder too.


looks good printing now thank you thinking of doing a din rail mount but thought id as first in case already been done

is there a how to on how to put it together?

Hi, It's a pretty straightforward. I use the colours I used. Put the frame face down on your table. Make sure you followed the guide with the screen to connect the 2 power wires. Take the largest red part and place it over the screen so the screw holes match. Now put the black part on it and use four screws. Before closing the lid make sure you secure the screen cable in the box without over bending it. In picture 4 you can see hos I did it. Close the lid and screw it down.

I edited the lid to hold onto my windshield phone holder.
Also changed the case to have a slot for a switch but didn't print that yet

Great work. I'd really love to adapt this with a mount / enclosure to fit a space in my car. Would you please consider adding the CAD files so it can be modified?

I have just added the 123Design source files.

Thank you! Much appreciated. I'll be posting my modifications as a remix.

Nice design, could you add a version with cutouts for the pi camera and the gpio pins?

I have just added the 123Design source files for you to make the necessary cut-outs.

Hello, thanks great design! Thanks a lot for sharing!.
Will be possible to make it on the 5" LCD Screen?


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Hi i am new to the 3d printing but im planing on using this to try make a small desktop.
Is there a way i can make the back bigger for a portable battery

The best way to edit or add pieces to an STL file is to use Microsoft 3D Builder.
It is not an easy tool so best is to build what you want to add in a different program like Thinkercad or 123Design.
Import the pieces in 3D Builder and merge.

Hey there,
thank you for creating this excellent design and for splitting the Front file in 2 parts.
I wanted to ask if it its possible for you to also split the Case file in half since my Printbed can only have 12x12 cm big parts.
Thank you very much :D

Took some time but finally split also the case. Hope this works out for you now.

Thank you for an excellent well thought out design..... brilliant

Any chance someone can Remix a portrait version of this case i.e. so it can stand in portrait mode? Pretty please.


Ive been looking for a while for a case for this screen ,this is almost exactly what i need! I wanted to make a tiny desktop , the only change here for me is im going to mount a fan on the back, as i overclock the hell out if my pi3 , it will be for 3d printing so i dont have to keep removing the sd card in my printer to upload prints and will also be my makeshift laptop, if i manage a good design for a fan mount ill upload it so you too will have the option

I am going to use raspberry pi for the first time with the display for the first time and I would like to thank you for making this ...It will save me money from buying one and I can't 3d model that good and with your permission id like to remix this if I need to

Hi GregTheGreatOne, Please remix as much as you want. Success with the Raspberry Pi. I love it and there is a great community out there to help you.

Is it possible to still use HATs with this print? Ideally I would like to use some kind of breakout like the BlackHat Hacker - it looks like the back piece has a little lip that helps the model stand up.

No, I never tried it but don't see enough space with the lid closed. The little lip at the back is to support my external HD.

Have changed front panel a little. You may check it at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2007689

Raspberry pi 7 inch screen case (remastered)
by Piper3D

Looks great. Nice extra flavour.

Very nice work, thank you !

Could you possibly make a 5-inch version?

Hi georgeford,

Don't think the 5" version is official Raspberry, at least I don't have access to it.

If you've printed this out and updated your firmware, you probably found that your screen is now UPSIDE DOWN! Easy fix.
Go to your Rasbian prompt and type > sudo nano /boot/config.txt
You will see the text file.
Hit enter twice while the prompt is at the top to make room for a new line.
Move your cursor to the top and type LCD_ROTATE=2
Then type and it will ask if you want to save before quitting.
Hit Y
Then hit ENTER
You should be back to the Raspian prompt
Type sudo reboot
Your screen should be the right way up again

Yes this works, thanks !!!

Does one of the back slots line up with the picamera ribbon cable or do I have to provide another one?

They don't line up as the back slots are vertical but it works if you twist the cable inside the box.

Thanks. I guess a tweak is in order. No problem.

Just finishing my print on this... I am having a tough time figuring out how you powered the screen with so little space to run the USB cable inside the housing (from the Pi board to the screen's board). Will post photos later :) Also, specifics on the size of the screws you used?

Hi Looptron, I didn't use the usb ports to power but the supplied jumper cables as explained in the manual that comes with the TS.

Thanks, got it figured out! Printed in a Sainsmart Wooden PLA... Will post photos soon.

OK, please post some photos. I'm sure it looks great in Sainsmart Wooden PLA!

it would be great if you could design in a compartment for a battery. I realize that the battery options/configurations are many but something to accommodate a power bank might be useful.

Thanks for Sharing, I love the design!

Hi, You can buy them in a lot of places. Just search for raspberry pi official 7-inch touch screen in Google.
https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/the-eagerly-awaited-raspberry-pi-display/. I bought mine from https://thepihut.com/products/official-raspberry-pi-7-touchscreen-display