TBS Discovery Brushless Gimbal for Hero 3

by Nathan_ Oct 1, 2013
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Is it possible to do this but for an iPhone? thx a lot, David

Just so you know, the motors you link to in the details page will not fit this design as-is! The hollow shaft motors actually have quite a large shaft diameter (larger than the holes in the printed parts), and additionally there is a c-clip that needs clearance. I measured, and you need at least a 12mm hole to clear the assembly.

Thanks for pointing that out to me. I designed the gimbal for the non-hollow shaft motors a few years ago and haven't gotten around to changing the design for the newer motors. Thanks for the dimension that's really helpful. Could you tell me how far the 6mm shaft sticks out? How deep would the 12mm hole have to be? Thanks!

Won't have any time to tinker with this until next week - I'll get you some full dimensions then! Thanks for being responsive on here.

I think the gimbal mounts better the other direction on the posts. It puts the camera lens in the center of the frame. I thought I had seen a similar version of this with a ring clamp for the pitch motor, so it can recess by another inch closer to the centerline. And yeah kinucris, that would let you mount the fpv cam once again.

Hi TreyL. I had originally designed it like you mentioned but then realized I couldn't access the hdmi out because it would be blocked by the pitch motor. Everything comes down to balancing so I'm not exactly sure if what you mentioned about the ring clamp would work and still allow access to the hdmi port.

Im only referring to the first base plate that is on the frame pins, not the moving assembly, or even the base of the roll motor. Pop out the rubbers, flip it over, reinsert the gummies. A ring clamp to hold the pitch motor by its outer shell, versus by its base plate screws. The first step would let you have the gopro lens in the centerline of the frame, and then you may not need to alter the pitch motor mount. And then as I also referred to, the fpv cam could be reinstalled. Its cool, I printed on e and have it mounted that way.

anyone know if it can fit with the core on the tbs?

Pretty sure you will be fine. I used the older one with the core.

When you use this Gimbal, where is your CCD camera?

Hi, would you have the original model of the "gimbalvib-_2_axis_base_asym_blind-1_hero3_mount_latch_asym_blind-1_hero3mount_asym_blind-1" to edit? because my mount is different. Thanks

Hi, would you have the original model of the "gimbalvib-_2_axis_base_asym_blind-1_hero3_mount_latch_asym_blind-1_hero3mount_asym_blind-1" to edit? because my mount is different. Thanks

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Hi would you be able to modify the mount plate which attaches to the frame to suit the the Diatone White Sheep (poor mans TBS Discovery) if I give you the hole centers?


Diatone White Sheep Gimbalmotormount v2

Hey, I havent gotten any motors or GC yet, but I mounted the first two pieces. They fit nicely, I mean better than nice...perfect, in fact. But...as I was doing so, I was wondering if you had tried designing the first plate REVERSE, so the base is INSIDE the posts and draws the whole assembly back by 1/2", or did that interfere with Core? Yeah its sad to see your work taken for profit, but at least you know someones not exactly becoming independently wealthy!!! I spotted an ESC holder from a guy in Italy being sold by someone in Calif. I havent had the chance to check adi's design, its probably junk...hehheh..j/k adi.... ;)

Reversing the mounting plate does make sense. I think I originally had it this way so I didn't have to print any overhangs. If you have the damper balls give adi's mounting mechanism a shot, my vibration damping isn't perfect.

Hey man. Yeah I shot a note to him. I commented on his design to have the tab off the main plate be on top instead of bottom so the dampers would all be in compression. He agreed and said someone had made that comment awhile back. Im not sure what an overhang is. Is it anything like a support structure? Along those lines, I saw an object on which the person said it took 2.2 meters to make , and in 15 minutes. Is that believable? I use an ultimaker2 and it took me almost 2 hours to make a little scotch tape roll spindle from 1 meter of filament!! Thanks.

Moin as we would say back here...

an overhang is normally something to avoid while printing. Imagine trying to build a bridge while working from the brink into the canyon. You know... it is hard to place something in front of you levitating without support. So printing something like that is way more sophisticated and normally doesn't work well.

Yeah I'll try making it tonight so wish me luck. Everything is junk ;) we're talking about molten plastic...

Hey. Did I already ask? Whats the little raised tab for on top? Also, do you know a user named adi380? He sure made a camera holder that looks inspired by yours. Didnt see the recognition for it if so. Also, someone is still trying to sell these on ebay from china, but I guess thats a lost cause. Do you use a gimbal controller, or can a naza operate the motors without a separate BGC? I printed one and it turned out real nice. Mounted it yesterday (the back 2 pieces) on my newest LR disco.

Hi Trey,

I put the raised slot there so you can slide in your gimbal controller imu. I designed it for evvgc imu but I'm sure you could make it work with other brands. Adi380's gimbal is a great upgrade from mine as it has a much more thought out motor mount/vibration damping. It looks like he used my gopro mount but he said it was remixed from mine so I'm fine with that. Ya people keep selling the gimbal on ebay and other online stores and sometimes they will take it down after I message them but sometimes not. The whole reporting system is annoying as hell and is honestly not worth it for me.

You'll need to buy your own gimbal controller to get it to work. I recommend either the evvgc controller (buy from myairbot) or the basecam controller.

Hi both of you :)

I'm adi380 by the way... actually I printed your gimbal, and I liked it very much. It was the only reason for me to set up and use the 3D printer of our school.
I noticed that your design is pretty thought through, BUT it's a little to much protruding for my taste and especially compared to the TBS Pro. So I decided to make one my self. The main reason to upload it was so I wonÄt have to carry an flash drive to school and back and keep it update as I developed the design and printed some of the versions. I taged it as an remix, to honor you for the inspiration. If you look up my first design you can see even the credits in the description. So no bad intention there :)

You made a point though... the pictures are kind of old, so there is none with my own 'camera holer', but Nathan_'s... I might fix this.

and yea yours is sold quite widely on the internet, but you already know this enough

Whay is it set in an angle?

The weight of the gimbal causes it to angle downwards. If I didn't angle it up then the roll motor would hit the bottom panel of the TBS.

Thanks for pointing that out TreyL. Some people just don't understand what a non-commercial license is.

I tried printing this project last night, and as my first experience, I wasnt aware that the program doesnt know which way is up!! After a few attempts and reading some tips on the web an dthe O&M manual, I eventually got the cam clip and the main base printed. Any progress on the Core issue? Thanks

Wow I was not aware at all. Thanks for pointing that out. I contacted the seller and the gimbal parts are now listed as "no longer available," and hopefully it will stay that way. Thanks.

I just opened that link. Price of $18.80...saw nothing about no availability.

No problem mate.

Would it be possible to put up a version with 16mm motor screw spacing on all parts?

My motors have the same spacing at both ends of the can. Basically a new version of the camera cage and side arm are needed.

I've made a mod of this gimbal designed for 16x19 m3 spacing here (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:866834). If you need a modification beyond this, let me know.

16mm mod for TBS Discovery Brushless Gimbal
by n108bg

Just bought some 2208 brushless gimbal motors off of HobbyKing, can you reccomend the best all around gimbal controller? Looking for easy to use and low price?
Is a Tarot 2d controller good? I can get one for between $50-$80 and am not sure if its worth it?
Is my best bet an Alexmos? Could I connect it to my kk2.1.5 board?

I haven't been keeping up with recent developments on gimbal controllers, but previously the Alexmos controller was very good. I don't know about the tarot controller. The tarot go pro gimbal works very well, but it is possible that the tarot controller board only works with their motors and armature. You can't use your kk2.1.5 board as a gimbal controller, but you might be able to use it to set the angle of the gimbal, I'm not sure.

Also, I can't guarantee that the 2208 motors you bought off of hobbyking will work on this design. If those motors substantially differ in weight or have different dimensions from the tmotor 2208 motors, then it is possible that my gimbal design won't work with them.

The motors have the same mounting holes 16x19 in the back, and 12 in the front. The link you provided for the motors no longer works so I went to HK. I've heard the most good things about the Alexmos controller, but am having trouble finding it on english websites etc. Where would you reccomend buying it, and how much does it cost? I am building this in hopes of keeping it low cost, and the motors were $30 total which wasn't bad, but I don't want to spend a ton on the controller. The Tarot is around $50 w/out shipping, and if the Alexmos is way more than that I'll either just go with the Tarot or simply buy the Tarot 2d gimbal for $110...
Also, printing the parts tomorrow, is the gopro mounting piece snap to fit? Or do you secure it with a ragstrap or something?

Check here for US distributors: http://www.basecamelectronics.com/wheretobuy/ I found several including amazon.

The alexmos controller is pretty expensive, but the nice thing about it is that you could upgrade your gimbal to a 3-axis SLR type and still be able to use the alexmos board. I doubt you could do the same with the tarot. I have never used the tarot board, so I would just research if it works with other motors and frames.

The gopro is press fit, but I add a rubber band for extra security.

I fixed the motor link in the instructions too.

Thanks...Alexmos seems a bit to pricy for me, I may go with Tarot, or simply buy a setup as there are decent ones more less... I agree it does seem nice to have the 3 axis upgrade already on it, but right now I am just trying to put it on a small quad(possibly octo :), less than 450 size so I don't think spending $200 is worth it when I won't use all the features. I might just buy a Tarot 2D gimbal...

I've got this and it's working perfect.
It's the original controller and you can update ist. The 8bit is enough.

The HK 2208 motors work fine with this gimbal too and i would take the AlexMos over any other BGC...

Yup, I just gave in and bought a alexmos 32bit 3 axis dual imu when I found it for $140, thats a price im willing to pay.

Did your motors end up fitting Logan? If so, do you have a link to the specific motors that you purchased? Thanks!!!

I bought the Quanum 2208 2-3S gimbal motors from hobbyking.com, I have not tried them out yet. I'm actuallly planning on starting on the gimbal tomorrow. Ill keep you posted.

I bought the Quanum 2208 2-3S gimbal motors from hobbyking.com, I have not tried them out yet. I'm actuallly planning on starting on the gimbal tomorrow. Ill keep you posted.

Does this gimbal support gopro 4 ?

I think the hero 4 and hero 3 have the same dimensions so it should work.

Comments deleted.

CG adjustable? not using same motor as yours

It's slightly adjustable.

Do you know the total weight of the gimbal with camera? Thanks

Hi your link for the gimbals no longer seems to work? Any chance you could give us a new one? thanks

Something is going nuts at my end i'm sure.
every time i try and print this it prints the first 15-20 layers with a skew at one end then after that prints the rest perfect.
so so you can imagine on the main arm the first 15 or so layers it is at say 85 deg angle in the bend
then it seems to correct and over the next 4 layers straightens up to be a nice 90 deg angle.

I've tried to print it 3 times now and i get the same thing in the same place.
other flies seem to print ok?

I have a velleman k8200 (not top shelf I know but seems to work ok.)
I have bumped the voltages to .55 from the.425 as per the manual. to see if the motors were losing steps.

I'll check some more ... the only thing I can think of is the PSU is at it's limits with a bed temp of 56 deg and head 190. and then all the motors drawing down. But one would expect it to happen at the end of the print not the start??


I rotated it 45 deg on the bed and it printed ok! I also slowed the infill speed and vibration.

happy camper now :)

Hi Nathan,

the angle of the vibration to motor mount is too long for my screws, I was wondering if you could make a version without the sloped mount?
That would be much appreciated thanks.

what material should i print with to obtain the dimensions? ABS or PLA? What infill ?

Comments deleted.

I use ABS with 100% infill.

Hi Nathan,
thanks for reply,
I printed my with PLA with 33% infill and 0.8mm skin thickness, looks really solid.
Works well with alexmos slim controller.
Great file, thanks for sharing

Greetings, both my motors are from a Beholder Lite gimbal and have 16mm screw spacing on both sides. Any chance I could get a mod for the arm and hero 3 mount?

What are the hole sizes? Are they M2, M2.5, or M3?

Same here for the mod :) 16mm screw spacing for top and bottom

i used m2 screws 2x6mm and m3 3x10mm

I recently printed out one of these gimbals, and when i printed it out i simply printed 2 of the tilt arms for the gimbal, then connected the extra arm to another motor on the and turned it into a 3 axis gimbal. I will be posting pictures soon. Works great!

i printed it and i'm frustrated because there is so much vibration. With a sharp eye you can see the vibrations in your video, too.
This is how it looks like for my copter

Meyk change the rubber balls out. They come in different specs and resistance, so just get a diff set and try those out. I have had the same problem and changing out the balls fixed it for me

I have almost no perceptible vibration in my video. What rubber grommets are you using? If you're using everything that I used, then I suspect either your gimbal controller is not quite tuned or your props and motors aren't completely balanced.

what is the diameter of the vibration ball holes?

Great Update, with the vibration damping on the motor mount. I was already improvising on that. I just ordered the new backplates for my older version. Thanx for the progress in modelling.

What gimbal controller are you using? If its martinez I'd like to know what PID's you're using

I'm using evvgc.

This thing looks great! I wonder if a GoPro 1 would also fit (with longer skrews)?

The whole thing needs to be changed for use with a gopro because it weighs more and is shaped differently.

where abouts are you mounting your sensor from your controller? do you have the files in skp as id like to mod a little for my requirements , cheers buddy

I mounted the sensor onto the camera case using some sticky tape.

Same question, Where do you mount the sensor/IMU? Do you happen to have a case for it and if so, could you provide us the files?