HODOR DOOR STOP - GAME OF THRONES https://3dprint.com/136169/ten-3d-printable-things-hodor/

by hugoarchicad May 26, 2016
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Great design works brilliantly - Love the humour

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...it's so perfect! I love it! In fact, I almost feel like I might be able to get closure from this (wait, no, that's exactly what this thing is supposed to prevent, isn't it... >_>)

ja ja ja!
I am glad you liked it.
would you mind posting a photo of it so others can see it in action.
many thanks for taking the time to write

I have no intention of stealing your work or using it commercially, but you should note that once you release something under a CC license, you can change it, but it won't have any effect:


What if I change my mind about using a CC license?

CC licenses are not revocable. Once something has been published under a CC license, licensees may continue using it according to the license terms for the duration of applicable copyright and similar rights. As a licensor, you may stop distributing under the CC license at any time, but anyone who has access to a copy of the material may continue to redistribute it under the CC license terms. While you cannot revoke the license, CC licenses do provide a mechanism for licensors to ask that others using their material remove the attribution information. You should think carefully before choosing a Creative Commons license.

It looks awesome! Thankyou for posting the photo

This is so fcking good! Very good job u'r a pure genius
I still lmao :D

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You are a fuc**ing genius!!!

Thankyou! You are a funny fu%^r

Caution, the edges are quite sharp. Either sand them down, or position it so you'll never accidentally kick it with bare feel.

made me laugh! well done!