Radjet 800 Winglets

by viper2097 May 27, 2016
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they work beautifully! thanks for sharing! it handles much smoother now it turns easier not so twitchy more predictable and still flies on rails! love this plane. just be sure the canopy is secure i lost one at high speed it ripped my plane to tiny pieces in mid air get a stronger magnet to avoid this. think it did lose a bit of speed though to the drag of the winglets. it is fine as i enjoy flying it this way better. if im on edge and its twitchy i don't have fun much my kid claims to love that part but me i want gentle predictable turns he like drilling it through the air lol. thanks again!

good deal my son broke off 1 of the fuel tanks so i cut the other off. so it now flies very unstable as the tanks made a vortex to help but this is way better though it will slow it down some it also will fly much smoother. so how is it working for you? i will test them asap thanks! btw i upgraded his to go over 200mph lol. it is so fast i can't keep up on cameras.

It is quite normal that the tiptanks are breaking off during the landing, this happens to most Radjets I know.
Theoreticaly, the winglets should improve top speed, but this will be hardly meassureable. But they improve noticable the high alpha capacity and make him more stable.
You can read a review on my homepage about the radjet: http://modelflying.weebly.com/radjet-800.html
I can't believe 200mph, mine goes 150mph (meassured) and without really big modifications it is not possible to go much beyound that. What setup (motor, batterie, prop) are you useing? The radjet looks much faster then he really is...
I'll look forward to hear from you and if you notice a change in the flight characteristics.

oh yes it is modified with a 4500 kv motor and 6s lipo and 4.5inch prop 4/5 pitch and takes a 80amp esc to do it but she flies really nice or did before the accident, he was doing a high speed run we have recorded 230mph but on the 3rd pass and the canopy blew off sending it straight through the weeds and that tore off a tip tank i've never heard them called that learn something everyday:) anyway i did print this out they seemed very heavy i used 0.02mm and 15%infill . maybe i will try again hollow they turned out really nice though.

Ok, that sounds fast and also you should have done some serious modifications to get in the 6s pack. Whats your flying weigth, above 800gr.?

I wrote that you'll get the best result with a skirt of 10 lines, 0,2mm first layer heigth and then 0,1mm. Also use 10% rectangular infill with 3 outlines.
I've printed about 20 of them and got with this setup the best result between stiffness and weigth. The weigth should then be around 5 gr. per winglet.

i appreciate the info, thank you. yes i had to remove alot of foam and install a very thin plate for reinforcement and honestly i never weighed the radjet with the new mods and 6s in it. it is heavy but flies perfect but it needs room it lands fast and hard but the skid plate has worked very time so far and if you cut throttle ahead of time it leaves the prop horizontal so it doesn't get scratched up if you land on cement or runway hard surface. i will try your setting today i was about to rework some new ones so thanks again! ps we fly for fun mainly and i have never written a article like you did but i will soon as i was picked up by venom fpv drone racing league this year. so i am now sponsored by Venom, they truly have the best lipos in the world i have overused them to 0 and never puffed one. now they are making even faster better types of lipos as well and special racing lipos, if you get a minute check them out. http://www.venompower.com/

What size 6S are you using? I put a Grayson Monster Jet on mine with a 80A ESC and a 7x6 prop. The fastest I have been able to get up to is about 140MPH (via GPS logger). I run mine with FPV Gear on it. It recently self destructed at RMRC's FPV Fest. I was doing a low full speed pass down the runway and I think air got under the canopy and blew it apart. I am rebuilding it now, but always looking to go faster.

P.S. anyone have a 3D model for a replacement canopy?

sorry been busy real busy. but https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-nano-tech-1300mah-6s-45-90c-lipo-pack-450-helicopter-hk-trex-rave-e4-etc.html thats the lipo. and your prop is way to big try 5 inch and 4.5 pitch if you haven't broke 200 yet. you will.