MKS TFT32 LCD Casing and tilting bracket.

by dintid May 27, 2016
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Just uploaded STP/STEP files to make it easy to make Remixes and such :)

TFT32 V4.0 do not fits just a bit, it has slightly modified ports location and a few new elements just on the edge of the PCB :(

Correct, I have the same problem with v4.0

I'm finding the same. Tonight I'll remix the case so that it fits the v4.0 board, and post up on Thingiverse. I'll also post a link to the remix here.

Glad to see it can be used as a source.
Remember the proper way to Remix and share stuff is to mark the Remix you make as a Remix with mine as the source.
This way people can easily find remixed versions of the same basic case :)
Once you'r done I'll change my description about it not fitting for V4 and mention the remix

Found other things on the verse which fit the V4.0 board.
Will give them a try first.

That's ok. I just uploaded the STEP files to make Remixes easy.

printed this today without any issues the fitment was perfect only thing i noticed was no hole to access the reset button looks like there was one in the gallery photo? but not on the finished one, Minor issue as it looks like you can depress from inside the leg on the back side. Not sure how often you need to depress the reset button Not wired up but very soon thanks for providing the files look and worked great.

My display has some small metal clips which attaches it to the pcb and those prevent the pcb from sitting tight in the casing. My SD slot on the board was also a tiny bit wider than the model. I had to remove some material with a dremel in order for it to fit properly. But then it worked perfectly. Thanks for the model!

Just a heads up that the TFT32 I got had the SD expansion slot (the vertical slot next to the WIFI slot) that is slightly closer to the WIFI slot, and does not quite line up with the holes in this design.

It's a bit to the side to make room for the "bulge" in the ribbon cable if used.

Hello i have an intern WIFI-Modul, which can not applied on the plug from he outside and in the inside the sides are not high enough. And one socket downwards near the lcd-cable has the wrong position. I downloaded the files from link, to change them in Fusion 360, but the timeline is on many sections corrupt....so i can not do so.
It fits very well except this two things.

Do you ever finished this model? I'm interested in a version that has Mks wifi module support.

Me? I don't have plans to make changes as I no longer own any of these displays.

Just make a new Sketch on the surface and start editing. Timeline often gets corrutped when items are deleted which are referenced by other items.
It was never meant to be shared for download, so enjoy it :)

Thank you for creating and sharing this. I am also using Fusion 360.Downloaded your model. If I decide to make it I ll check for electronics placement. :)

What firmware are you using on the screen?

I'd like to know, too! It looks much more useful than the default display items. I see a couple of versions on Github here:
but none as nice as your view!

I just used original firmware at the time. Was a long time ago though, so I guess they have changed it.

slightly different than my screen. having to melt and trim. one of the connector holes does not line up but i dont htink i need that one so no big deal :) thanks for this

Glad you like it :) The tolerance is very tight, but there might of course be variations to the model of screen unless you bought it from MKS.
Connectors are a bit off, due to the design of the connectors, to make room for the ribbon, but they should fit nicely?

My display has "Makerbase" and the trademark next to the SD slot. It has MKS TFT32_L V1.1 to the left of the wifi header. As far as I can see it looks identical to the picture in the linked site.

The distance between the SD and I/O header mouldings is 3.5mm. The distance between the edges of the holes for these headers is 7.7mm. As far as I can see there is not enough space for the SD header to be moved 4.2mm further left. The print I have is certainly very close to the picture above. Wonder why difference.

You can download the 3d files if you follow the link to Autodesk in the Description section and then modify them to fit.

I can't check up on my display, as I've sold it. Am moving to Duet WiFi :)
You could conttact MKS and ask (I'm curious too)

I thought this was a good case with a tilt bracket. Unfortunately my printer is not calibrated so It prints 1% too big. I can fix that though with a bit of scaling.

Looking at the back of the case with the I/O connector at the bottom, the board I have has the SD header about 3mm to the right of the position indicated by the hole. Are there different builds of this board with the SD hearer in other positions?

Just reprinted at the right size, perfect fit except the I/O header.

Not that I know of.
Mine is from the actual original manufacturer, so if you bought it from someone else there might be some differences?

hi does the wifi add on fit in this case?

No, but there is an opening for the cable you need to connect the wifi module.

The lid is much too tight to fit around the LCD of mine. Need to increase the opening on all 4 side about 0.5mm. I printed it in ABS.

Hello Lasakro.
I'm sorry you are having problems with the print.

ABS is notorious for the shrinking rate so try increase the size of your object by 3-5% in your slizer and try again. Depending on slizer you might be able to just increase the area around the LCD itself if the rest fits just fine.

The lid is meant to be snug and the measurement is accurate with 0,2mm clearence on each side. It just doesn't look good with a larger gap :)

Any Chance you could share the Fusion 360 file with me.
Cheers Matt

Heya Bigfella, you can use the Download button when viewing the rendering on Autodesk 3D site http://a360.co/1TT1UMn

Your a good man. thanks Heaps. Nice case.

NP, glad you like it :)

hello dintid,

Do you know if i can install this LCD touch screen with ramp 1.4 and Marlin
Thanks for your reply

You need the TFT28 for Ramps http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1607945

MKS TFT28 LCD Case and tilting bracket
by dintid

Ok thanks for this reply, i go to buy TFT28, nice.
I don't no if it's easy or no to install with ramp but i go tested.