Secret Hitler Portable Print and Play - V2

by axtn May 28, 2016
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Could you explain a bit more how inspections work? I don't quite get it from the description provided on the details page.

You just put one of each role by the board, when it's inspection time, the person who is getting inspected secretly chooses his role from the two, and shows it to the inspector.

Would you mind sharing the svg-s? I am planning to design a very compact and portable version of the game.

What are the Power Chips for?

The rules are not found at the provided link anymore =/ Does anyone have and would not mind sharing them?

Never mind, found them through googling :) http://secrethitler.com/

I'm kinda new to the game, and about 3/4 of the way through the print, but I noticed that there isn't any secret party membership cards. Am I missing something?

Just read the description to see how the inspections work.

I love that you separated the parts so that we can print them in separate colors. I don't know why more 3d prints don't do that...

Is there a box to transport all of the stuff in?

Multiple colors make it look more like a real product! Glad you like that.

Someone did a remix of this thing and made a box...check it out!

I'm having this printed via 3D hubs, assuming I assemble it well I'll post something here.

Out of curiosity, what do you do to track elections that don't pass?

Nice! Thanks for trying out our models.

We don't use an election tracker because it seems redundant, having to move a physical mark... Also, the election tracker is used for 3 short failed ballots, so it's definitely not difficult to remember where you are at when you are playing. We keep it vocal! :)

That's what I figured, we largely ignore the tracker on the print and play version we've used to date. Just figured I'd check. :)

Awesome!! Starting printing this tonight!!

Nice! Share your make after you finish! Can't wait