Tevo Tarantula - Power Box Adapter

by Elzariant May 29, 2016
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The two-part power supply cover is one of the best I have seen. I made some slight modifications to it, outside of design software, to suit my purpose. One area I changed was making an opening in the top plate to accommodate adjusting the power-out if needed. Also, I cut out an XT60 connector opening on the left bottom plate. All of these connectors received hot glue and Gorrila glue to make sure pushing and pulling the cables off would not move them. Below are some images of my modding for the power supply I used. Thanks for sharing this file.

Hi Elzariant

Can you please upload the STEP file for version 3.1?

I would like to remix it to fit my switch, power supply and only have one XT60 connector.

You dont have to make any changes to remove the existing holes.

Regards Brix


I'd really like to ... but I cannot find it anymore. I fear I did too much cleaning in my design folder :-(

Here a version that is extended by 10mm to allow more room for wires.

So anyone fig out what size screws are used for screwing side together?

First of all, great model!
it really noticed how much thinking you have put into it!

I would like to know whether there is a reason why the model has 2 XT60 ports even though the PSU gives you option for 3?

it's just a matter of space.

What is the screw size to join the two halves together? Is it pre-threaded or do I have to tap it?


Which function have this two little holes?

They should correspond to threaded holes on the PSU. But as there has been several different models of PSUs, they can remain useless.

What is the size of the screw used to attach the 2 halfs?

Comments deleted.

What switch are you using? Cant find any that support the amount of amps this thing probably pulls

I know this is a bit late, but keep in mind that with the reduction in voltage in the power supply, you gain amperage.
Per the TEVO site specs on the printer, it's power supply is only a 200W unit, so you need just over 1.5A on a 120V supply.

With this in mind, most switches will handle the expected amperage.

If you search 'iec rocker' on aliexpress you will find a bunch, the fuse is changeable so just make sure its adequate for your setup

Could you add vent slots into this please as the stock PSU they supply now has no holes in the casing so it relies on airflow through the terminal end of the PSU which is covered completely by this cover.

Airflow relies more on the holes that are aside the PSU... or is there now a different model of PSU ?

Holes are necesary now. I am sending you the pictures of the new PSU with your thing on it.
And there is a little difference in the union of both parts.
The place to make the holes is in the place the Tevo logo is as the fan is in the same side.


No airholes at all on the PSU apart from the fan and the terminals so with the cover on there is no airflow at all on the current PSU

Ok, so it's a complete different PSU that is now delivered with the Tarantula. That may also explain why few people also complain that it was not fitting with their PSU.

It fits my PSU but needs the extra venting slots. As for others who say it doesn't fit their PSU have they stated it's the stock PSU or a different PSU?

İ printed v3 but it doesnt fit psu. is there any changes with psu?

Comments deleted.

Aliexpress : search for "rocker switch fuse"

Hi, i want to try printing this one. But before i start, i have a question about the XT60 connector slot. How can i attach this connector so this case can hold it quite sturdy. In previous post , you said that XT60 connecter must be inserted from the front... this mean i can then just simply pull it out to uninstall it. So how can it hold from pulling force when i tried to unplug it ?

Don't worry, it will be hold very tight. I've designed a kind of "clip" mount for them. Once in place, you need to disassemble the box to get them off.

Thanks a lot. i will try it out.

V3 won't fit with crimped connectors.....

The xt60 connectors are not the problem. The c14 IEC connector has only a few mm clearance off the power box. If using crimps it will not fit without bending the aluminium housing.


I've added 7mm to bring more clearance. It can now hold crimps on the C14 connector.

Yes, you're actually right. As I soldered directly on the C14 connector, I didn't see that potential issue.


For v3, that's the same setup as I did for that box : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1674095
XT60 connectors must be inserted from the front of the assembled box. I suggest you solder them before the insertion (otherwise it can be tricky)

Box for HP family PSUs + XT60 Connectors

Does this need to be printed in ABS or PETG since it gets hot?

Looks great, do you have any examples of how you did the wiring? I have the same plug but not sure how to wire in the switch and plug.


Hello, I've added a small wiring schema.

Awesome thank you!

When opening the STL in Cura, it doesnt have the hole for the switch (I have the same switch)?
I converted the STEP file to STL, and it doesnt have the hole as well?

Man, you're right !!! I did not post the correct STL file. My mistake. It should be OK now. The STL has got the hole whereas the STP file does not have.

Do you have any pictures of this printed?

yep ... just posted them

Those look great! Thank you.