Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Schematix: Dual Drive Extruder (Fits E3D v6)

by Schematix May 29, 2016
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Is there a 3mm mod or will this work with my 3mm derict drive V6 ?

Thanks so much for the brilliant design.

Just a WARNING for people building this.... the majority of extruder drive gears sold online WILL NOT WORK with this design under any circumstances. The filament will drop straight through. I explain why below. It would be great if the owner of this design could update the notes to save people wasting LOTS of money trying to find gears that do work.

The original "Hobb-Goblin" MK8 gears from E3D (http://e3d-online.com/Hobb-Goblin-8mm?search=gear) have a very shallow grove where the actual teeth are. This means that when two gears are pushed together, as in this design, the total diameter of the grove formed between them where the filament goes is less than 1.75mm, which means to will perfectly grab the filament.

In 90% of the clone MK8 gears sold online, the groove is very deep. That's fine if you're using a flat bearing as the other half of the arrangement, but when you try and use two clone gears together, the total diameter of the groove significantly exceeds 1.75mm, so the filament just slides straight through.

I've purchased gears from five different online sellers, and I still haven't managed to find a clone drive gear that works at all. I even purchased from the links mentioned below and they did not and would not ever work.

Your best bet is to purchase the gears direct from E3D, however the way they are priced, plus the postage, make this extruder much less attractive to build, especially since you need two of them.

Anyway, hopefully this comment helps people avoid wasting the money I did trying to find a working gear.

If you happen to know of someone selling a gear that definitely works, it would be great if you could supply a link.

Why not use two (or just one) threaded wheel without a groove. If using one with a groove and the other one without a groove, they do not even have to have the same number of teeth. Thats all, is it not?

MK8 1.75mm Filament drive pulley specifics please

I purchased these drive gears but the groove is too deep and the filament can just run right through the two gears without engaging them. Am I doing something wrong? The drive gears in your video definitely look different.

No idea, perhaps the batch of extruder gears have been altered compared to the set I bought? If you have someway of machining the outside down it could perhaps solve the problem? Sorry I can't be of more help

Based on looking at the video I'm thinking the drive gears you received are what is usually referred to as mk7 as they look much wider than the usual mk8. Unfortunately the mk7 gears I have have the same issue. I'll post here if I find a good source for some gears that work.

Alright so after purchasing several mk7 drive geas that weren't correctly sized I managed to get some that work. This 5 pack from amazon had all of them functioning although I did previously purchase a two pack from the same seller and one of them wasn't sized correctly.

This 5 pack also had all of them working as well.

Yes, I've had the same issue. I ordered both MK7 and MK8 gears from several merchants and none of them work. The groove is just too deep, so that even when they're pushed completely together you can easily slide the filament in and out.

I'll try the links above for a working version.

Purchased two dual drive extruders for a delta I'm building, but could not justify the expense of buying four more for my other printer. So I decided to design one myself when I came across your link while viewing youtube videos from the Open Source Towed Sonar ROV project.
I will be adapting your design to a Bowden quad configuration to keep the weight down on the x/y carriage. You saved me a ton of work. A big THANKS your way.

Thanks for letting me know! It's encouraging to hear my work is being put to good use!

Revision v1.1 - Made the idler arms thicker to increase strength.

Is there any progress on adding a fan and auto bed level sensor?

The fan is still planned but I'm busy with other projects at the moment. (hope to have the fan done within a month) Since an auto bed tramming system isn't mounted to the extruder, And the fact that there is a vast amount of options for bed tramming there isn't any planned expansions in that direction. Better to find/design something that mounts what style of bed tramming system each user goes with.

Thanks. Its an amazing design. I'm in the process of trying to upgrade my printer with this system.

Just finished up getting the blower fan worked out. Parts and video have been uploaded to my channel. Hope you find it useful :)

Thanks. Amazing work.

Hey, looks Awsome. Could you share model/project files ? I would like to have something like that on kossel.