Mini Micro SD Card Rounded Box

by kowomike May 30, 2016
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Nice design. I really like the tight secure fit the bottle produces. I do have one suggestion. The SD Card finger holders feels like a bad idea. Nothing should be touching the very delicate gold contacts. They can easily be scratched and ruined. It seems unnecessary. The top prevents the cards from sliding out and the bottom/top groves prevent too much wiggle. Would you consider releasing a version without the fingers?

Printed this afternoon, everything looked good, but the fingers that hold on to the card seemed to be bridged. Think I'm going to try a partial print to see if I can troubleshoot.

Same thing happened to me. I eventually used the nail file off a nail clipper to pick at it until freed.

i like your design. Is it water proof?
Your design inspired an idea for a design.. I was thinking of just creating a micro sd chip holder which is same dimentions as the screw top of standard water and soda bottles.. then i just have to creat the bottom mount.. and re-use bottle caps instead of printing them.

here is a design i created to hold 3 micro sd chips in wallet. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1748452

3 Micro SD (& Micro SIM) chip holder (MOST POPULAR!)


From my experience, the typical 3D print is not watertight. At least mine are not. It may be my settings, my printer or the fact that I print almost only PLA. I tested several times and usually water finds its way somewhere between the layers.
Question is: Does a micro SD card need water protection at all? The cards look waterproof to me. Of course, they need to be dry before voltage is applied.
This seems to be true for some cards at least: