FlashForge Creator Pro 2016 - Dual extrusion fan duct

by Vexelius May 30, 2016
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Do someone tried to print it in PETG ?
I've made it in PLA few months ago and it starts to bend a little bit due to the temperature (I think)
I can't print it in ABS because I don't have ABS and I think that PETG could do a better job
Tell me if someone did :)

PETG would be a viable option. It's normally more heat-resistant than PLA, but a little less than ABS. If you will mostly be printing PLA on your machine, it will last for a long time before bending.

Just wanted to let anyone wanting to print this to use a brim to keep from warping, I used my normal brim size and it warped, I used a 10 outline brim and have no warping issues now

Good job man, I really like it and it works well.

I had to print a dodgy one to start (because I had no fan duct) which I repaired with tape just to get it working, then printed a proper one once I had the cooling going which printed really nicely with the same settings. Proves it works!

The only thing is I did find that it dragged across the top of the print slightly, so I modified it and pushed the bottom surface up 0.3mm which has done the trick without losing too much cooling volume.

Also, I can confirm this works with 2015 model of creator pro as well as 2016, I have one on each of my machines now.

Thank you very much for your comments. I am really happy that this adapter was useful to you! :)

Been running it for 6 moths now. As rock solid as ever. Not experienced any sag. Thanks ever so much!

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad to know it was useful to you :D

Hello friend, I do not have solidworks and I am unsure how to acquire it. Would you still be willing to make changes to the file? I have two areas of improvement on the inner ducts and I am unsure how to go about doing that. Thanks!

Hello. You can also import the model into Fusion 360 (which is free for student/hobbyist use) and edit it there.
It's available for download here: https://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/overview

How do you do that? I try opening it up on fusion but it wont allow me to proceed.

Edit: I think I found a video to help me out. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

I'm now having an issue where the heat is making the right air duct for the right extruder sag below the extruder. This is causing the air duct to drag through my material. I will take it off and try a heat gun on it to straighten it out.

I don't think the fan has enough power to get air all the way from it to the right extruder with the path you've given it. But unlike http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1675208 it does provide print visibility, that's an upside.

FlashForge Creator Pro front dual fan duct
by DrLex

In my tests, it was possible to get the airflow to the right extruder. It has to do with the shape of the "tunnel", specifically the width and height.

Comments deleted.

I cannot see how this attaches to the carriage (FF pro 2014 & 2015) or aligns correctly with the nozzles :-( #help please.

This design was made to fit the radial fan that is included in the FlashForge Creator Pro 2016. It attaches where the stock duct should be... I think that those models (2014 and 2015) doesn't include a radial fan.

You are correct, apologises :-)

Awesome! Thank you very much for streaming the making of this model. Watching right now!

No offense but neither the before or after looks very good. What was the layer height printed?

The tests were made using a layer height of 3mm, 20% infill, no supports and the fastest speed possible. I did this for 2 reasons:
1) One of the main "symptoms" that the print is not receiving enough ventilation is curling and bending, which is more obvious to spot at this layer height
2) In order to make the tests as fast as possible and improve the design if necessary

The point wasn't to make the pieces look perfect, just to see if there was an improvement between them, which I accomplished.

I was referring to the boat print not the vents themselves. They came out ok. Its the cupcakes and boats that for some reason I expected better as a testing print. It is a mark improvement from 1 to the other but could drastically be better overall. What I guess I am getting at is I feel like the before could have been better with different setting is all. Great design btw.

How the heck do you get the supports out of the long thin nozzle that goes to the right extruder!!

If you don't have a slicer that allows for customized supports (such as Simplify3D), print it without them. It's perfectly possible to print this piece without the need of supports.

I have S3D, should have mentioned that! Are you only placing supports in the visible openings? Do you think changing print positioning would help with printing with minimal supports?

Please take a good look at the attached pictures. The eighth and ninth photos are screenshots that show the proper support placement to achieve the best result.

I saw that but now realize that the supports shouldn't go all the way inside. I'll take another crack at it. Thanks.

Will this work for the Flash Forge Dreamer as well?

Judging from a couple of videos I have just watched, it seems that the FlashForge Dreamer has the same extruder carriage as the FlashForge Creator Pro... If the sizes are the same, or close, then it will work.

Fits and works great, exactly what I was looking for. I printed in ABS. Unfortunately, after printing other models with ABS, the heat caused the long duct to sag below the extruder. Maybe some sort of support on the right hand side to prevent sagging would help.

but surely after you fit this you can't print ABS anyway, as the whole point of the duct is to cool the right side, and ABS doesn't want cooling?

Actually, in an enclosed case so you aren't blowing cold air, cooling fans are helpful with ABS and give me better prints.

You can still print in ABS, just turn off the fan in your Slicer's settings.
In Simplify 3D you can do this in the "Cooling" tab.

Thanks for your comment. As I usually print in PLA, I haven't run into this issue yet... But I'll try to look for a way to correct it.
Maybe adding an "arm" to hold onto the extruder carriage?

That's kind of what I was thinking, although it's not entirely clear how you might do that without relying on the screw. I print a lot of ABS and PETG. I had been using Thing 537918 along with a duct I designed to feed it from the side blower instead of using a separate fan. But that one obstructs the view from the front.

hello, can you provide the file X3G I do not possess simplify3D to place the supports

Sure, I can. But the issue is that an X3G file contains instructions that are specific to a 3D printer, and they might not work if you try to use it with a different machine, or the same machine loaded with a different firmware. Can you tell me which printer are you using? Then I will be able to generate a X3G file for it.

Any tips on removing supports without destroying this thing?

I used needle nose pliers to remove the supports, and I didn't had any issues.

Thanks for making this

You're welcome! Please tell me if you print and test this piece.