28BYJ-48 Extruder

by Tinkering_On_Steroids May 30, 2016
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I like the idea of gripping and actively pushing the filament from both sides, and also to do it with the lighter weight small geared steppers, but I am curious if there was another level of gear reduction could one of these steppers be strong enough to turn both gears?

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does it have enough oomph to be a remote extruder and push 3mm filament through ptfe tubing ?

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That's a great idea for those cheap steppers. How do you wire those into a Ramps board? Does one of those those motors need to be run in reverse?

Nice functional design.

I would like to refer to my design and would like to hear about your comments. See. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1888048
By the way, I´m using hollow feeding gears but I like yours more.
1) your filament feeding gears are supported only one side, ( motor bearing ) is that enough?
2) The shaft of the motors are way under diameter 5mm, something like 4.95 mm, did you do something to compensate?
If not, does the "out of center" of the feeding gear affects the functionality? Maybe not because of your nice tensión springs design.
How are your tests going? Did you found time to test?

Double stepper extruder with hot end

Hi, is there any update about the performance? I am creating a small printer also based on the 28BYJ-48 and I haven't created a suitable extruder yet, I also thought of a extruder using two steppers but with a different approach.

So, how'd the prototype do in practice?

How fast (mm/s) will it drive the filament with the mk8 gears?

Hi Jesper,

I have to test that but need to create a testing environment first.

But in theorie, the drive gear has a diamater of 11mm, multiplied by pi is approximately 34,56 mm per revolution. The 28BYJ-48 are good for something about 15-16 revolution per minute. That multiplied the the 34,56 mm will be something between 518 - 553 mm per minute. That divided by 60 seconds per minute will make 8,6 - 9,2 mm/s.

Well speed and/or quality are not the strengths of those little motors. Using them is a big compromise, but in return it might become possible to get some very cheap entry level printer below 100€ (...if those cheap motors are consequently used also for the other axis.)

Hope that helps.

Regards Stefan aka ToS

Everything is right, the normal press turns out at 20mm/s