True Tiles Sample Set [Original and OpenLOCK

by Curufin May 31, 2016
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Just want to say thank you so much for these awesome models. Getting into terrain printing, I was overwhelmed by the options available. Most of the choices were disappointing because of the unusable tile space. I felt like those useless squares were just a waste of my precious filament. Initially, I was somewhat turned off by the fact that your squares aren't actually all the same size (my OCD triggered big time). However, I barely even pay attention to that now, because the grids line up perfectly.

The promo video 100% sold this product, and I appreciated the opportunity to download a sample pack for testing. Now that I'm convinced, I'm jumping onto your website to purchase some packs. Can't wait to start building!

Anyone have problems with the open lock clip not printing correctly or printing off set?

I just printed my first set of these and yes, the open lock clip is a little too big. I went to https://www.printablescenery.com and downloaded their example bundle and the clip in it worked perfect. You can tell it is a little smaller but also slightly different so not sure it is a scaling issue.

How do I combine the openlock with the tileset? Just print one and glue it to the bottom of the other? Seems wasteful.

Thanks for the help.

Looks like there are two versions in the files: the original, and the openlock set. The original version can't be converted to openlock (without gluing the openlock base on the bottom, but then those would be 1/4" higher). The openlock set is printed in two pieces: the openlock base and the tile; which gets glued together.

Using the original set with the openlock set basically just means that you can't lock them together.

Hi !
Is this up to date ?

Looks like this is the original version, without the OpenLock clips. You can find the OpenLock compatible version here: http://www.heroshoard.com/sample-dungeon-pack

Yes, this is the original set. OpenLOCK compatible sets are on http://www.heroshoard.com/

Thank you both of you. I've gone there and didn't wanted to register at first.
But... It seem that I have to !
Have a nice day !

Are there any 1x1 hall tiles? For single-file sized hallways?

There are some 1x1 and 1x2 dungeon tiles in the "Odd Geometries" tile set http://www.heroshoard.com/odd-geometries

Thanks for the head up! I likely wouldn't have seen this.

Hopefully it will help track referral sales, so I wanted to share it asap! By the way, I have seen several folks at work play with the samples I have printed on my desk, and they get moved, and set up in different designs frequently...lol I need to grab another expansion from Heroes Hoard, and give them some more variety soon...Thanks for working with Wyloch, and producing these, they are a lot of fun.

I am curious and figured I would ask the masses. I am using a Maker Select Plus by Monoprice. What is the quickest speed that you can print at .2mm? I had some adhesion issues in the beginning that I have worked out due to a leveling bed issue. I am kind of nervous to print more then one tile on the bed at a time. Would love to know what others are using for complete print settings when printing more then one tile and if they are using a Raft or a Brim.

More than a year later, I can answer this. :P

I have a Maker Select Plus and, properly leveled I can fill a whole build plate with 9 of these tiles without issue (no brimm or skirt or anything). I had some very minor curling at the edges, which probably has more to do with my build plate being slightly warped.

The last couple prints I've done are the OpenLock tiles, which are split between the bottom and top halves (which have to be glued together) for printing without supports. Nearly filling a build plate, I've been printing 4 tiles at a time in about 5 hours with these settings:

Layer thickness: 0.2mm
Walls: 2
Top/bottom layers: 4
Infill: 15%
Print speed: 90mm/s
Travel speed: 150mm/s

I suspect this could be fine tuned to crank them out faster, but this is a pretty good rate to have a solid set in just a few weeks.

can these be printed vertically? so many more would be able to fit on the build plate.

edit: i tried one but due to the brick pattern adhesion can be a challenge. Printing a test set flat now, seems to be working much better.

What kind of process do you use to paint these? I've never really been into D&D but after seeing this I really want to play. Can't wait to build my printer so I can print these out.

I start by spay painting all the pieces flat black. Then I do a couple layers of dry brushing, starting with dark gray, then light gray, and finally white. Then I pick a few bricks from the wall and paint them brown.

Awesome! Thank you!

Awesome! Thank you!

Any idea when the latest Kickstarter tiles will go on sale somewhere else? I missed the kickstarter, but have interest in the tiles.


TrueTiles are now available at http://www.heroshoard.com/

Very very soon.

Do you happen to have a Sci Fi version of these. I like them will probably buy the fantasy ones but a Sci Fi would be better

Not at this time, but it is on our list of future sets.

Well good to here, can't wait. You gonna have more fantasy style addons anytime soon?

I love the tiles. I haven't printed any out yet but I plan to print them all out but the dozens. my question was for the new releases of tiles to come out. If I purchase the current package of tiles files do I then get all the future releases for free or will It require more payments? also if its more payments will it be a different package of tiles to purchase? For example if its now package "A" for price "A" will it turn into 1) package "A" for price "A" + Package "B" for price "B" + Package "C" for Price "C", ect 2) Package "A,B,C,D,E,ect" for price "A" 3) Package "A,B,C,D,E,ect" for price increase as more releases get introduced?

Thanks for the questons, Logicbomb! Right now, our goal for True Tiles is to offer quality tiles at a very fair price (and less than competitor prices). All new tiles sets will also have a $8.95USD price point. The next set already has something like 25 new tiles and maybe 8 addition pieces. We really want you to get your moneys worth.

Bill and I are in talks about possibly doing a kickstarter which would include all the tile sets, plus a ton of stretch goal pieces for less than the 3 sets alone. Not sure which way we will go right now, but it is a possibility.

How's it going? :) Going to do that kickstarter? Awesome tiles!

I consider buying a 3d printer (perhaps a Dremel Idea Builder) for printing dungeon tiles and accessories.
I soaked up almost every information on printing these or similar tiles, but i hardly ever could find info on the printing time.
For example, how long does it take to print just one corner piece?
I know it depends on the printer and the setup, but could you please post your experience?

If one tile needs an hour or longer i think i'm faster with pouring plaster in hirst arts molds, building included.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

Thanks for the questions. I just ran a couple previews of a singe corner tile. I typically run my printer at a resolution of .1mm and a speed of 80mm/sec. At these settings, a single corner tile takes about 1h 37min to print and costs about 42 cents (based on a $23 kg of plastic). However, if I changed the resolution to .2mm and cranked my printer speed to 150mm/sec, It would only take 36min to print. I run my printer throughout the day when I can and load six tiles on the build plate at night. My collection of tiles grew quite quickly.

I did the Hirst Arts thing for a couple of years ( I have about 12 molds). But I honestly haven't cast a single block in about ten years. It takes way to long to cast the mold 50-100 times to build anything, and then you still have to build everything. The couple of projects that I did build are all chipped up and falling apart. I just cast with plaster because it was cheaper...big mistake....

Is there a specific reason you are looking at the Dremel printer? There are many printers out there that will do the same thing for a third of the cost.

Thanks for the reply! Is it possible to add some pictures to this "thing" to show the quality differece between "slow" and "fast" print.
At first, i'm from germany and there for i want to choose a manufacturer that has a good presence in europe.
In terms of support and spare parts it's an advantage.
As far as i read, the dremel is reliable, easy to use and the prints are of very good quality.
I want a printer that just does it's job without fiddling around.

If you have recommandations matching my needs i would appreciate it.

I see. Wie gehts es ihnen?

I will attempt to print out a tile at .2mm this evening to compare the quality. I will paint it up and post a picture.

Im not sure what is readily available over there. Perhaps the Pursa i3? It is one the the top rated printers out there for about the same cost. It also prints in many types of material (not just PLA). If you were to print in ABS, you could then apply an Acetone wash to smooth out all the layers in anything you print.

Got a tile printed at .2mm resolution. It looks every bit as good as the ones printed at .1mm!

Mir geht es gut! :)

Many thanks for your effort!
How long did it take for the .2mm print?
Did you only change the resolution oder cranked up the speed as well?
I'm looking forward to the pictures.

The only con i see with the dremel is the buildsize limit.
You can change the nozzle to print other material than pla.

I ended up printing a single wall tile at .2mm instead of the corner tile. I did changed the printing speed. I turned the speed up to 120mm/sec (My printer can print at 150mm/sec, but it shakes quite a bit). At 120mm/sec, the tile printed in 41 minutes. I will get it painted and I should have a comparison photo by this evening.

Resolution photo added. :)

Awesome! Again many thanks for your effort!
I just have to buy a printer now. Nothing easier than that! ;)

I believe the it's 2.5D, which is dimension. Kind of in between 2D and 3D. Not 2.5 inches. But these are kind of cool I'll print a few up see how they compare to my other tiles.

The tiles are 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches which makes them unique when compared to standard tiles. The walls would classify as 2.5D.

Nice work Curufin! Wylock's solution is quite intriguing...

Thanks, Talismancer! He really did his homework on this one!