Eiffel Tower, remixed top

by technolazy Feb 9, 2017
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Hi Technolazy,
This an awesome project!
How can I scale this down to approximately 4" High still using 3mm MDF?

Hi Trevor, unfortunately not. The design was indeed parametric, but not to the point that the width of the material can be changed. Therefore you have to stick with the given proportions, that is, if you want to have a smaller model, you have to adjust the stock material width accordingly, proportionally.

Hello would you have the rest of the tower please?

Hola me gustaria que lo hicieras en puzzle de 1000 o 2000 piezas, como un puzzle de 3D... gracias saludos

The original tower can be found on the site below, although, is paid... :(


Mmm.. I don't know what happened to the original tower. It used to be published here under a CC license in may 2016, when I first downloaded and cut it. Then when I published my remix, a couple of months ago, the original design was not under CC anymore and it was only available commercially through a link on the author's website. Now it has disappeared from thingiverse completely (the site does not even mention that my design is a remix of that one). I PM'd the author to ask what happened, but his answer was that he doesn't know. A google search of his site aaronsdesigns.com.au for the tower did not return any results. My guess is that the design has been removed by admins of Thingiverse because of a violation of T&C, but I don't know why the design was removed from the author's site as well. Unfortunately I can't find the original dxf files (that were under CC license) in my backups anymore. It's a pity, it was such a good design, and the Eiffel Tower such a beautiful and universal monument.

Can't find the "pay-version" either...anyone got a link?

Hi everyone, where is the "AaronsDesigns" link ? I didn't even fond the "pay" version of it... Thanks

Boa noite!
Não tem ele completo pois não existe arquivo no nosso amigo AaronsDesigns, só tem um anexo txt.

Tem como ajudar?

Boa noite!
Infelizmente eu não tenho os arquivos originais. Eu cortei a torre (e comecei a trabalhar no meu próprio remix) quase um ano atrás e eu não manter os arquivos dxf originais, que estavam sob uma licença CC naquele momento. Dito isto, agora vejo que o autor está vendendo os arquivos por menos de US $ 5, que é uma pequena fração do custo de fazer o objeto e uma compensação justa pelo seu trabalho na minha opinião. Mas é claro que uma licença livre (como na liberdade) teria sido melhor.

how do i get a hold of the full dwg file caused i could only cut the top of the tower

The SVG/DXF only include the parts for the new top (everything above the second floor of the tower). For the remainder of the tower, you have to pick AaronsDesigns files.

@mobius1ace5: unfortunately not. I cut the tower (and began working on my own remix) almost a year ago and I did not keep the original dxf files, which were under a CC license at that time. That said, now I see that the author is selling the files for less than 5 US$, which is a small fraction of the cost of making the object and a fair compensation for his work in my opinion. But of course a free license (as in freedom) would have been better.

Excellent, I like the top floor.
Thank you for this design :)

Do you have the original file as well? Seems the designer took it down and wants people to pay now. The one you downloaded still has its old attributes

Excellent Remix! Love the extra detail in the top.