Flat Glasses

by bre Oct 30, 2008
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Ha I was just getting on to comment that it is pretty awesome that if this is the real Bre. It's pretty sweet to be able to go back and see your designs from 2008!! I look up to you I think it's cool I can get on here and find your designs from when you were at the beginning like I am now. Lol I couldn't afford the Makerbot yet. But I'll work my way up to it like you did I guess haha

Really cool, I can't believe this was uploaded 8 years ago!

I dont know why i my last comment dissapeared. anyways i made some like these like a year ago except i used a neon orange acrilic and modeled mine after my oakleys, i also make some of those 80's sunshade glasses 8-)

Let me know what you think of these glasses!

Very nice, but I bet people would think you to be blind if you wore these on the streets...