Overlord Dropship Mapscale

by DMCL-GB-Avatar Jun 3, 2016
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Do you happen to have a mech-scale version of this?

I'm sorry, not yet. I began work on a mech-scale version, but didn't finish it yet.

Excellent! I can't wait to see it! Thank you!

Any chance we could get a union class dropship like this one? this has way more detail then the other one posted elsewhere on thingverse. Overlord is just way too huge to print mech scale though.

I began modeling a union years ago, maybe it's time to finish it.

Please? I would love a union ship of the quality of this model. If you do Ill be your first posted make! ;)
Either way thanks for all the cool designs you have already made.

Union is up, hope you like it

Looks excellent, in the middle of some other prints right now but I am planning to get a mech scale printed soon.

After all this time, reprinting again at 200 % :) Wish me luck.

Good luck, hope to see the result :)

Ship and feet are fine, but I really can't get good armor plates. The 2 parts are impossible to glue together in a nice way and the one-part version isn't really a one-part but the slicer shows that it is split. Did you testprint those?

If you look at http://www.sarna.net/wiki/File:Overlord_3025.jpg you can see, that the plates are parted into top and bottom ones, thats why they are also parted in the file and you don't have to glue them together.
I printed Overlord3b_rep.stl and they looked fine.

Oh man, thanks for your patience. I'm really stupid :D I always looked at the original door design and never checked again how things are meant to be put together :)

I'm really thankful for your comment, I would have done this the wrong way several more times I guess ;)

Reprinting this one with the new feet, really looking forward to how they look and how sturdy they are. Still about afraid about the door hatches, but I will try :P

Hi DMCL-GB-Avatar.
Could you try to smooth out this Ship a little bit?
Im will try to rescale this to Mechscale also, and i have seen for the Union i did as Mechscale, the rectangles are seen very well.

So if the Hull could be a little bit smoother, this would work for Mechscale also.



Seems like the doors for the lags are not really standing on the floor, we talked about it before I think. It's very hard to get them to print like this, I don't have a slicer that automatically puts a surface on the bottom flat :/ Am I not seeing something?

I'll have a look at it.

Just uploaded a new version of the doors. Hope this time they will print.

Lol now it is stuck to my buildplate like nothing before ... can't get it off :/


Comments deleted.

While printing this, how did you print the doors? I never got them to look nice and not break.

Check out the hollow version of this ship:

Could you do this to yours? I'm not that good with software yet and I don't know what you used to model the ship (I'm starting to get into Fusion360)

Union-class DropShip

I'll give it a try, but it could take some time.

Supercool! If you could upload the original file maybe someone with more time could do it?

Didn't take as long as i supposed to. Files are up.

Aaah, 2 parts, haven't thought about that option ... will try it today and give feedback in ow good it looks glued together. Thnx a lot!

Could you share your original files? I want to make the ship hollow so it prints faster and with less material like the union class dropship here on thingiverse.

I already uploaded the repaired files.

I got the file repaired by somebody, do you want it? This one is broken.

Yes, i printed all of my models without any problem, even in different sizes.
I had many problems with Slic3r myself, most of the models I downloades here, wouldn's print. So i switched to Cura, and the Problems were gone. Maybe Slic3r doesn't like all Files. I don't know.
But if you find a solution, I'd be glad to hear from you.

I can send you files that work with Slic3r, too. The guy that helped me said that maybe you sliced with older software and now stuff is different. This print worked for me. Will upload a pic.

Hey DMCL-GB-Avatar, this seems to be the 2nd of two of your models that are too damaged to print. I found someone that has repaired one of your other dropships but this one is even more damaged. Did you ever try to print this yourself? Maybe I have solution, but I have to try it out, I'm a total newb when it comes to these things but I might have just found a solution by mistake. Will keep you informed.

Could it be that this file is corrupt? My printer got adhesion problems at about the height that my Slic3r shows a missing part in the model:


This looks great, Have you thought about doing a clan Broadsword dropship? I'd love to print these to be in mech scale similar to the AOD Aurora.

Thanks, for your comment :)
I'm already working on the Broadsword but it could take some time, due to other projects I'm working on.