PanelDue 7 inch display enclosure and mount

by trevmas Jun 3, 2016
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So I bought the genuine PanelDue 7 from the Duet web site - and it does not fix the box. Aside from the LCD board being a bit to wide, the screw holes are totally off from the positions on the LCD Board. And no way to access the reset button. Not even close. Any thoughts on this - did I print the wrong box?

All I can say is I designed the case to fit the display I have! This was made before a display was sold with the PanelDue board so I had to source my own display from China. My experience has been that even when sourcing from the same place in China, repeat orders of the same item can be quite different in regard to mounting holes etc, so as with most things here on Thingiverse, some fettling will normally be required.

As regards the reset button, that is in the description text. "The disadvantage of this is that to access the reset and erase buttons you need to remove the back cover."

The PanelDue designer has some comments and pointers on his blog including links to alternative designs that might work better for you.

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It's because the PanelDue sits behind the display rather than to the side as with some other solutions. This keeps the box down to 19.5 cm so should print easily on a standard bed. The display and controller are connected with a short ribbon cable so there needs to be sufficient clearance for the folded cable.

What size/length screws did you use for mounting the controller to the bottom cover and the bracket_b part?

Just waiting for my PanelDue to show up in a couple days and want to make sure everything is ready for it. :)

The PanelDue comes with a pair of screws. I added a fibre washer between the screwhead and board. I seem to recall I used M4 screws for the bracket. I'm not sure of the length but I know I had to shorten the ones I had. For the hinge part of the bracket use an M4 self locking nut. The bolt from the original power unit stay can be re-used but It's a faff to get in place. A lump of blue tac in the extrusion stops the tee nut dropping while you get the bolt started.

If you are using an Ormerod 2 with the separate 5v linear regulator you will need to disable it as it does run too hot, but the Duet onboard regulator is fine with the extra load and I haven't notice any noise.

If you haven't got a stylus, print one as it helps with the accuracy of calibration but you shouldn't need it after unless you've got fingers like tree trunks.

You will think the display money well spent when you start to use it, especially for things like loading and unloading filament. Have fun!

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Do you have a picture of the insides with everything mounted? It looks like the buzzer would be inside, under the display for this to work.

You are correct that the buzzer on the PanelDue points to the main display pcb. On the USB side of the main case are some holes to allow the sound out at 90 degrees to the buzzer. In addition the vents on the back panel allow the sound out. The PanelDue buzzer can be set quite loud, so in practice there is no problem. I have mine set to medium and even with dodgy hearing I find it more than loud enough.