Needle Arya Stark's Game of thrones sword

by Choloseg Jun 3, 2016
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hmmm ... Where is the plate ? no file ?

Nop. I machined a wood piece with a router. Or you can use this from Hekatecosplay https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3166677

Needle Display Plaque

its a great model, but it doesn't seem to fit together.. The blade doesn't fit into the guard, the key is only about half the thickness, and the pins don't fit into the handle and don't look centered. I should have looked at the other comments before make the 11 hour print. can you fix these problems?

So I over night printed mine and the last part of the blade like the tip of it came out very bad and I think it was because it was bending side to side because it is a very tall and thin piece, any way I can fix this?

A few things, slow your jerk setting to maybe 5mm/s. Make sure your nozzle temp is not to hot, the lowest temp that sticks well is the best. Look at your nozzle path, you may need to adjust setting and inspecting your nozzle path is a good start. You may need a raft to keep things steady. Keep you feed rate around 18 mm/s. May the force be with you.

Whats up with the rectangular blade shaft being much too small for the hole in the guard?

Its not even close! hoping the rest lines up, ugh. How is it off so far?

Its true. I wrapped masking tape around the tang to make it fit inside tight. I will try to fix it if I found the blender files.

I'm having a terrible time with the guard. How would you recommend printing it? Every time I do, the part that angles downward just falls apart. I've tried adding supports, heat, everything. So far nothing's worked.

FYI: I have a CR-10

I have splited it in two by the middle horizontally by sinking the piece to the level of the middle of the guard. Then rotate it 180° to print the other side. I have uploaded a picture with the seam marked to show it.

Ah. Okay. Thank you!

The guard and pommel will be great as a casting model for my moms birthday stiletto. Thank you so much!

Im glad you like it. I hope to see the final stiletto. Thank you for your comment.

Where could I find the sword mount on the wall with the Stark Sigil?

Cover picture has been taken from the Made of the user Lappoi until I can finish my own. I have no idea of where are the wall mount files, maybe you can ask him in the comments of his Made.

Yes. I have fogotten to scale it properly. I will fix it asap.

I'm doing it right now but i see that the connectors are too big for the holes for fit in.

great work!
please upload ne blade :)

Hello, could you upload the blade please?
Thank you