Colt 1911 High Quality

by TaylarRoids Jun 4, 2016
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Would it be possible to get this without the supports please? I want to print it without. Thank you

These supports are a bitch for me , clogging like a mf

A$AP Rocky used your file in his music video!!! check this out, 100% sure this is your design

Woah! Thanks for sharing!! :D

Make it a rubber band gun plzzzzz

Whats that link?
It isn't a re-post

The uploader deleted the Thing that used to be at that address at my request.

Thank you very much for notifying me.

can u upload a file with out supports plz as i need to be able to cut it up as i have is small printer

As the description states, the original file without supports is available from another source that is linked.

Import into tinkercad and remove them

I want to just print some grips for my 1911 how did you do the checkering on the grips? help would be appreciated.

Hi we made this file using makerbot replicator + while removing the custom supports the edges is coming out with the supports can u upload a file with out custom supports.
Thank you.

I made mine out of PETG and have painted it. It turned out killer! I have primed it with black and painted it with stainless paint. It is a Destiny 2 inspired paint job. I love the print.

Awesome model! I plan on printing mine hollow and filling with epoxy/lead shot to add weight.

Awesome job on the guy, we loved it looks very good.
Made a 3D Time-Lapse of the print here https://youtu.be/o1B_w0iQBfY print details are in the video description.

Just came across this web-site and found my model of 1911A1 here!
Thanks for the updates you've made and also for giving me credit! :-)

is the original file where you got this uploaded in stl format? also, im guessing you wouldent be able to upload a model without the grips attached?

in slicer you can just right click cut while you have it on its side and boom the grips are separate and off to the side then!.
(you would have to adjust it with a slider bar to adjust depth of cut) its easie as pie.

Yes the original is an STL, and no I cannot do that.

Would you mind sharing your support settings in Meshmixer so that others can create similar supports?

The supports were made 100% manually by using the shift drag technique based solely on where I thought it would need supports.

Could you please also have a version without support. The support you have added isn't as good as S3D's own support.

Otherwise great model!

As the Details section states, the original modeling was done by someone else and you can download the unmodified file from their website. Me uploading an unmodified version would not be covered under a creative commons license, and would actually be plagiarism.

Would the Monoprice Mini V2 be too small to produce this?

Couldn't I print it in parts and super glue it? Surely I can get creative in a slicer and fit it and snap it together.

V2 would be too small

Man, this print is giving me a headache, first try the nozzle clogged (for the first time ever) at around 70%, second try, the support for the triggerframe lost layeradhesion, letting it finish right now, i guess third time will be the charme, maybe.

My nozzle clogged at 90% :-( The built in supports are totally fine and work well. Had to use a knife to get em off my bed (PEI Sheet). Was turning out great too in the carbon fibre PLA from ProtoPasta. Shame it failed so long into the print. Might try again and print hotter. I can even make out the tiny writing on the gun too even at .20 layer heights.

Awesome print! The supports worked great!

Not sure how this is "not safe for work"

Agreed. Wish there was a button to mark it SFW.

Yeah I'm not sure how it got marked NSFW, but I'm in an email battle with em about it.

When I open this up in Cura it says," Auto scaled to 76% of original size." Is this normal??

Rotate it diagonal on your print bed and you may be able to scale it up more. Sounds like you're hitting size limits

Printed this and it looks great. I'm surprised how small it is. My hands are small and it feels perfect and I'm almost certain my slicer didn't scale it down.

That green mat in my picture background is one inch square marks, so if yours is about 8.5" from muzzle to hammer then yup it's full scale!

can you print this gun in pla

Yep. I did it with an infil of 5%


Printed like a dream on a cheap hictop i3. Picture uploaded. Would love the STL as want to print it in metal. Thanks very much, a top quality file.

I do have two printers , Wilson 2 and kossol XL and both tip over one or two support beams so the compleet print failed...My suggestion is little bit more beams between them ....I am going to try it .

Knock them over like they unstick from the build plate? If so that sounds like an adhesion issue to me.

here in the netherlands we also have support dammage problems .....hours spent for nothing ....supports are not good enough ...

Support damage in that it's hard to get off the part and mars it? Or the supports fall over and the print fails?

I don't know if anyone is still on this post, but I would like to ask one thing before I print: Are the supports easily detachable? like are they just there for printing and I can cut them off or pull them off? Or am I better off leaving them on for display, as its part of it and might actually destroy the pistol? Please answer ASAP as I am excited to print, I would just like to know.

It was designed to easily pop off if your printer is well calibrated.

Hey thanks for replying! I can't wait for it to finish printing, so far so good!

Could you please add the model without the supports?

No. For the millionth time THE LINK TO THE ORIGINAL WORK IS IN THE DESCRIPTION. I uploaded my file with supports under the creative commons license, uploading the original without modification would be blatant plagiarism.

do u need to put support

do u need to put support

do u need to put support

do u need to put support

This is awesome....Is there any chance of getting the STL without the supports? Cheers

When I printed this, the supports kept falling over.

When I printed this, the supports kept falling over.

When I printed this, the supports kept falling over.

When I printed this, the supports kept falling over.

When I printed this, the supports kept falling over.

So... you don't need support material for the beaver tail?

It looks pretty flat, seems like no one has had any problems though?

Cocked-and-locked would make this a nice dummy gun for holster making.

These support structures are awesome. Did you custom design them, or were they autogenerated by software?

Supports were custom, done in meshmixer. There's plenty of tutorials on YouTube on how to add them manually.

aww ya now i can threaten clowns without getting arrested

I printed this out and below is my time lapse . Printed on my MakerGear M2


What settings did you use? I have an M2 as well and am going to print this on it.

Could you make a version where it is in two parts - Gun and Grip - It could be so cool in silver and wood for grip! Would really appreciate it. /E

Do you have a version of this that does not have the supports? Are the supports you added easily removable? I get mine printed in nylon powder so I don't need the support structure. So glad you shared this.

Can this be printed on the replicator mini?

I'm sure you could scale it down to that size... but you would have to cut it into parts on your own for it to be full size.

Amazing file! I cant believe the writing on the sides are crisp and clear!

Has anybody else noticed the the roll stamp mark on the right sides reads "MISHAI" rather than "M1911A1"?

I just saw that. I wonder why?

I have a Wanhao Duplicator I3 and I had to scale down the size a bit in order to fit lengthwise along the plate. I started to print it but it failed around 2 hours in leaving me tired and frustrated.

I'll be honest, I know almost nothing about 3D printers and I thought this project would be easy to make. What printer are you using and what is the density that you set it at?

Sorry about your frustration we've all been there, 3D printing isn't currently as easy as one would hope.

If you could tell us the nature of your failure we would be able to assist you better, was it a clog, jam, part falling over, etc? Also your settings would help too, temps, speeds, resolution, etc.

One problem that I feel is likely even without knowing your settings could be due to you scaling it down. The supports I made are designed to be printed at that scale, any smaller and they could start to easily cause a failure.

Since my printer was "not" big enough, I rotated it to print it diagonally so that might have been the problem. I also scaled it down to 80% its size so that could also have been a factor in its demise. I will try to print it today at 100% size and see if I have the same problem. My speed was set to normal and the resolution was normal so I don't think that was the problem.
Thanks for all the help!

I am currently printing it on a Wanhao Duplicator i3 right now and it fit just as the model had imported it (oriented left to right on the bed). Almost 5.5 hrs in so far and no issues yet (knock on wood).

I think it may just be a problem with calibration. What program do you use to print? Could you send me the settings that you are using to print it?

I think it may just be a problem with calibration. What program do you use to print? Could you send me the settings that you are using to print it?

using the latest cura on a windows 10 machine. I used the settings in the description - .2 layer, .18 initial layer, 4 shells, 5 top/bottom, speed - 60, hotend temp - 205, bed temp - 60, infill 10%. no supports, 3 line skirt. Hope this helps.

Progress pic: http://imgur.com/fcXuhzo

my mistake, bed temp was set at 55

I was using normal speed so that could have been the problem, as for the other settings I will see if those make a difference. Thanks for the info! (My printer failed at almost the exact same time that you said you were at XD)

Yeah, my printer is still new ( I'm a noob at this) but have been getting good results so far. I am still trying to dial everything in so those settings are by no means gospel with this thing.

Could you send me a screenshot of all the settings so I can configure correctly? Don't want to mess this up.


Here you go. One thing to note, the bridging on the outside of the trigger guard is a little sloppy. Not sure what setting to change to clean it up. Nothing a little sandpaper won't clean up. I will add a pic of what I am talking about in a couple min.

Adding to the perimeter width will help, also slower printing speed and more cooling, my settings (with a 0,5mm nozzle) is extruderWidth 0.75, printing speed 40mm/sec - these settings prints perfect 70% overhangs on my reprap - rule of thumb is nozzle diameter x 1.5 for starters, so you might want to try out 0.6mm for your 0.4mm nozzle

In my experience when having issues like that on large overhangs it's inadequate cooling. Any time I do a print like that I set up a server fan directly in front of my printer and consider lowering extruder temp 5*C.

Could be, I just got my 50mm blower fan in the mail and am just trying to figure out what fan shroud I should print for it. I have a v2.1 duplicator.

Yeah I'm a noob too when it comes to this stuff so you aren't alone.

I don't even know why I printed this? My printer was just sitting idle after I finished a venus box for my kids - I think it was literally the first thing I clicked after that lol. It is a disease.

It is pretty addicting yeah XD

I have been printing for 7 straight days now.

13hrs and it finally finished. It turned out nice but I finally realize now that cura auto scaled it down to fit the work area (didn't know it did that).

Hey, this is an awesome model. How did you create the supports? Did you use a program or create them yourself? I am wondering as this would help my prints a ton.

Try this. Autodesk Meshmixer: http://meshmixer.com/
BTW, creating supports just one of the useful features

Awesome thank you so much! I have been using supports that just cover the whole model and they are much more of a pain to deal with.

This is a great model. I would also like to cut it into pieces so a model without supports would be awesome if you have time to upload one.

You will find the very same model without support here:
..and here:

To make a two part print you don't have to cut the model
Lower the model to the line between slide and frame and print the slide
Turn model upside down, lower the model to same line and print the frame
Glue the part with superglue (if PLA)

Colt 1911-A1

Whaaa wich printer and param u used ? Layer are invisible !

I have printed two of them. I found them to be a fantastic design that is really neat when printed and I found the support structure to be perfect for my print. Cheers for the post

Could you make a version without the supports on it i need to cut it up in order to print it. other than that amazing job modeling dude