Greatsword Knights (Wargaming Minis)

by Zarquon Jan 21, 2012
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dude, this is so awesome. So you created these using model data from Warcraft? May I ask, if it's possible to create a 3D data model from 2D photos? I have pics of minatures that are very rare and too expensive, but I was wondering if I could make 3D prints of them for my personal game use, thanks.

The models from WoW were extracted by some one else and posted online desperately. I didn't do any extraction from the game itself; just cleaned and reposed the model.

Making 3D models from a collection of pictures is a process that is becoming more standard. There are a
couple of software packages around for that that are still in earlyish development. I've heard good things about 123D catch from autodesk and I've heard of some other one called Hyper3D. I tried 123D catch a while ago without too much luck.

Oh, and I wanted to point out. The models you are using as a "base" are rips from World of Warcraft. I wish I could say they where modeled from scratch, but they are just exports using the "WoW model viewer".

Disadvantage: This could be a copyright violation (But you might be able to put a fair-use swing on it)

Advantage: You can get a lot more models like these from World of Warcraft

I don't mind. But I figured I let you know. Keep up the good work!

I was aware that these are wow models but I didn
’t know that they were direct exports. I wasn’t labeling them as such (other than pointing to my source) or naming them what I would be playing them as since I was trying to avoid problems like the guy with the war hammer models had. I doubt blizzard will have a problem with these as they are
non-commercial releases and don’t compete with anything they sell. In any case I got these from the sketchup warehouse where I am permitted to make derivatives and redistribute and which is itself a respectable source. Unless I hear otherwise I’ll be assuming that the original poster there had
permission to add these models.

Blizzard is much more relaxed with uses of their property then Games workshop. For example the Starcraft 2 mod called "World of Starcraft" only had to change their name, so Blizzard could protect that name. They still could continue development. And they allow many fan made movies that clearly use all kinds of hacks to achieve results impossible in normal WoW.

But Games Workshop even tries to shut down fan sites that use artwork from the games workshop site. They are just hostile towards anyone using their IP for anything else then playing Warhammer.

On what machine are you printing these? And are you using support? Printing something simular to this on my ultimaker with support gave terrible results...

These were printed on my Prusa Mendel. It has the somewhat standard upgrades of linear bearings and gt2 belts. I'm using a standard .5mm nozzle and printing at 190C in PLA on blue tape. There is some active cooling for these prints. I have a fan positioned so it blows primarily over my electronics but also catches the print.

The supports I used for these were the auto generated ones from SFACT. I have it set to put them “Everywhere” and I'm fairly confident all the other settings are back at default. This is a screen shot of the support settings in case it is not. http://imgur.com/n7ODRhttp://imgur.com/n7ODR

This was the 9th diffe
rent grunt model I tried to print before I starting getting results this good.

I do not know what was the "terrible results" but for such small and tall prints on my UM I decrease flow by 10-15% comparing to normal printing based on volumetric calculations. And it works well.

On the UM support day yesterday I managed to identify some problems with my machine with might explain the problems with small detailed prints.