Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Star Trek - The Next Generation Borg Cube

by dmaccallum Jun 4, 2016
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How many grams is it?

Printingvthis for a friend who is going to put a light in it and use as a tree topper. I’m not all that great at modifying a mesh. Is there any chance you could add version with a 10mm hole in the center? I know it can be drilled out but this would ensure it’s perfectly centered.

I just finished the print, and while it had some problems, I was pleased with the results. The only comment I would make is as the layers start building, about 20% of the first detail layer does not print. This causes some of the structure to be only loosely attached. The angles also do not match well, leaving some gaps at the corsets.

Yes, I'm seeing the same thing with the loosely attached....

Flat version V4 is broken for sure.

You only have 1 side in the files, shouldn't there be 6 sides as there all different ?

They are all the same. They are just different directions. If you are worried about it look at my remix of it.

Ahh yes, i can see it now, thanks for responding

No problem, sorry it took me so long to write back. I have been distracted with some mods and upgrades to my printer. It has been about 2 weeks or more to get things right.

I'm having an issue with this model where it has a flat solid base, but then the detail on top is on an angle and there is a gradual gap between the detail and the base. It prints but with support in the middle. Printing at 0.1mm resolution up to layer 10 is a flat square, and above that is tilted.

I have the same thing. The latest files don't help.

i created a remix of this with just the sides. check it out. maybe that will work out better for you.

Just a few questions before I start this:

Can I print it flat?
Does it need supports?
Recommended resolution and infill?


yep you can print it flat. i would be the best way. If it is flat then you don't need supports as far as I can tell.
Resolution i love printing at .15 but since you are just printing a side flat I would do it at that or even .1
infill since it it flat i would do it at about 20%

My program can't slice it and nothing i can do seems to fix it. I know other people have so I hope it works for you.

Good luck.

I'm running Cura 2.4 and it looks like it should be able to print it! I will upload my results :)

haha glad to hear it. I think I will look at these files again later today and see what I can do to fix them. Snow days are good for that I guess....

Maybe carve an egg in the middle of it.... Just a guess. I saw the original, defiantly not printable. You should link to it.

I remixed it so people can click on it on the right hand side of the thing details tab