CoreCube SAKURA Rev.2

by ichibey Oct 5, 2013
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what size are the aluminum extrusions? how long? Any parts list or bill of materials available?

nut of the z-axis uses the things that cut the tap to Teflon plate.
rev.3 has been changed as stick the nut for the trapezoidal screw.

What is the part supporting the Z axis nut?

Firmware uses the Marlin.

firmware that you used for this printer ?
Thanks Ichibey


Dear Sir~~
can you give any direction that were I can find related firmware to run a CoreXY system?

you kindness is high appreciated

can someone explain how this belt is looped...I can't completely tell from the pictures.

Dammit, nvm, didn't realize that was actually an H loop not a CoreXY like the dam title says in the original sakura...

Is there any chance for sharing the IGS file? I would really appreciate if you would like to share them. Thank you.

on how much to increase Aluminum frame parts to get a print area of 400 400 300mm?

Thank you for firmware. Could you, please, upload IGES files. I would like to modify some parts because I have Nema 23 motors available as I built your Delta Printer with some modifications. I will upload some pictures of your Delta Printer adapted and built by me, which printer is extremely well designed, but still I need to build the extruder and the hot bed. I have seen on your blog that you are working on Rev3 of Sakura with AL parts. Are you going to share also that design? Anyway, I would like to say a big Thank you for your very well engineered designs.

firmware is marlin.
Only have to set the CoreXY the Marlin.

what firmware you are using? could you share it?

Please, could you provide the configuration file of firmware and eventually any other change you made to the firmware? Is there possible to provide IGS file for modification of some parts?

what size aluminum profile is the frame made from?

Hi Ichibey. Thank you for sharing this project. I need to change the holes to use M5 bolts. Could you help me?

Hi, can you share the source files?

Situation do not know not good enough because it uses the translation site, but the tension of the belt, or there is a possibility of insufficient capacity of belt If this is the problem that not write perfect circle.

The first model that was first published was the MXL belt use of 3mm width, but it was the type of Rev2 capacity of the belt was too. (Change in GT2 belt width of 6mm)

Myself using it is 1/16 micro step.(Firmware is Marlin)
Motor you are using is 17PM-K044-AKZ(http://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/gP-06578/)http://akizukidenshi.com/catal....

my motors i think are correct I will check them tonight. the weird thing is no matter how i change the default steps the movement is same. do you have a crossover with your belt?

I have a similar build and need help with the default steps per unit in the firmware.

Please refer to the photograph, etc. For the assembly. It will be a while before I have no time to mention a detailed explanation.

Filament you are using is 1.75mm.
Attach the other things if possible because it is during the hot end and extruder is also a test in the original.

Is the filament 1.75 or 3mm ?

Do you have instructions on how to build this? It looks like a great design

Print speed is currently being tested.

Print range is approximately 200x185x180.(However, it is possible to extend the reach out if the guide shaft and the frame in the direction in which you want to extend)


How fast it can be printing?
and platform size?

Picture from other side of the machine will be interesting.

Nice, I want to make one.

Use a SAKURA( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:150767http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... ) parts of the Z-axis.

Timing belt uses the 2GT-20 currently.

Four bearings 5mm inside diameter, inner diameter is used by eight of 3mm bearing idler.

CoreCube SAKURA(original reprap printer)
by ichibey

Do you plan to post all parts?

There are a lot of clever features on this printer like the belt tensioners and the bearing holders. Very neat, thanks for putting this up :)