Oculus Rift CV1 Wall Mount

by boopidoo Jun 6, 2016
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Excellent Design. Thank you!

Thanks for the model, works really well! Would you consider adding a version with no screw hole? I remixed it myself, but it would be helpful to those that are clueless with 3d modeling.

Great design. Is there a reason why you don't allow remixes to be posted? I took the design from your nosepiece and made it into a shelf clamp for my Rift. Now I can mount and move without any holes. That and I don't have much wall space, but plenty of wall space.

I'd love to post up the design and credit your design for the inspiration on the nose piece, if you are open to allowing remixes.

Hey you maybe wanna check out this eBay listing for an Oculus wall mount which looks like yours. Just to be sure nobody is selling your design :D https://bit.ly/2JDIAFN

Thanks for the heads up .



Sure Thing

  • Floyd

That guy actually claims to have made that design 100% by himself. That he doesn't even know my model. It's a lot of garbage of course but unless many complain to eBay there's not much to do.

He has made his own model, clearly based on my design but inferior since the angle on the nose is wrong.

Oh sorry to hear that. I will complain as well maybe that will help ;)

This thing is great. Is it possible to add a second screw hole at the bottom though? When wall things have just one screw, they just keep spinning around and are not sturdy.

Just tighten the screw, if it still keeps spinning add some double sided tape to add friction.

Like @PaulTheSimon I remixed to make a small change to the design for my use: I am mounting to 20x20 aluminum extrusion, so I squared off the top of the part, eliminated the original hole, and added two new holes appropriate for low-profile M5 screws. I can't post the remix, but thanks for your base design.

I'm noticing you don't allow remixes.
I'll be making and publishing a similar design for hanging on table edges, and because your holder is the best out there (in my opinion) I'll be drawing inspiration from your design.

I'd like to credit it to you though a remix, but since I won't be able to do that I'll just tell you that I appreciate your design.

Hi, I'm glad you like the design. Yes, for this design I don't allow remixes but I can't of course stop you from being inspired.

If you'd like I can make another variant based on your input?

I live in a dormatory where I'm unable to make holes in the wall. Double sided tape solutions work for the sensors (i made a thing for this), but the Rift itself is just too heavy.
The alternative methods are:

  • A stand (large, require a lot of plastic, require table space)
  • A table-mounted hanger (doesn't exist, needs to either cleverly balance the unit or have an adjustable table clamp)

What I'm seeking is the second. I'll try to make one myself, but I'm sure you'd do it better.

Ok, totally do-able. I've made some designs with clamps. However isn't it better to screw it onto the table instead of using a clamp? Plastic clamps age and deform after awhile. Is the table really thin?

I have been using it for couple of months and it is not very healty for the headset. The layer between the headset and your face (I don't know, how to call it), which is sticked to the headset, is slownly moveing forward. Just be careful.

Really, I have not noticed any changes in the headset and I've been using it since last summer. Can you post pictures of this as well as the mount as well.

Couple of day were sufficient to see it again.

Ok, I understand now. The glue has probably degraded over time making it stick less efficiently. The immediate fix would be to increase the top tab very slightly, probably 1mm would be enough. Then it would sit more securely on the plastic instead of rubber. On my set the tab sits not only against the rubber but also on the plastic so it is very secure.

Can I download the holder you use? I'm interested in it :)

I shifted the sticky interface back and I don't use it now so I cannot send you the picture of headset. I can send only the picture of the holder but there is nothing special. It is printed well. I noticed the deffect in it's beginning. I can try to use it again, wait and the send it to you. Maybe my headset has problem with the stick (low amount of it or worse quality). Otherwise the holder is great. Very small and very effective.

What kind of throttle controller is that you have on the first picture?

This is the boxes for the extra controls: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2532106

Saitek X52 Extra Buttons

It's a Saitek X52 Pro. I've also made custom button boxes for it that works very well.

It's a Saitek X52 Pro. I've also made custom button boxes for it.


It's a Saitek X52 Pro with custom added switch and knob boxes powered by a BBS-32.

Here's more info:

Solid print, stable mount. Good Job on the design.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. :)

I've made a remix of this without the hole to make it look more appealing for my mount that I designed that slots into some holes in my bed and I was wondering whether it is okay to upload it to thingiverse? I would put it under remixes but I can't seem to, license issue?

Yes that is correct. It's my design and I do not allow remixes based on the design. Feel free to make it yourself but you can't upload it on thingiverse or anywhere else.

Some of my designs are free to use as you wish but some are not. This is one of those designs where I want to be the sole designer.

If you have ideas on how to improve it I'm glad to make those improvements but I must upload the design.

Oh right no worries. I just took it into meshmixer and removed the hole that's all, it was just to fit my own design as I made a slot and super glued that to the back of your hook: https://imgur.com/YLUrDXc I made some touch controller holders too, nothing special but I thought it was a good way of putting on the controllers as the wrist straps are primed for action haha.

Looks good! If you'd like I can edit and upload a version without the hole?

Awesome design, printed the non reinforced one, didnt try but i guess its already strong enough to hang myself on it if i ever decide to do that ;)

I printed the xbox / remote holder aswell and it does its job, but if you ever get around doing it pls make it a ) a lot less bulky and b ) extend the controller holder so the xbox controller cant slide from left to right on it.

Great work !

No I am not, this seller does not have my permission to sell it. Thanks for the heads-up, I have contacted the seller and it's not removed I will notify eBay.

Love this mount. Great work!
I made a timelapse of one I printed. Da Vinci 1.0 and sliced in Simplify3d.


Great construction, simple and excellent.