Drill press for a Dremel

by mitchnajmitch Oct 5, 2013
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I have finished mine. I used a 5mm wide rubber strip, cut from a retired bike tube, instead of springs. Works great.


I feel stupid for asking. But I'm having a really hard time sourcing the smooth rods. Any suggestions on where to search in the US?

You can find some on Amazon for cheap, but you get what you pay for. Misumi has nice ones but are expensive. Also try Mcmaster-carr.

Hi, I have a question please.. In your description you have 4 x 10cm smooth rod pieces. What are they for? I'm struggling to figure out where those fit in.

Thank you in advance

Hi, I am sorry, there is a mistake in BOM. You only need one for a handle. In the first version, there was handle with four smooth rods.

Thank you.. I had to also chop off 2mm from the top mounting pieces "drill-press-rack-modified". They were to wide. Otherwise a very nice design, thank you.

What a really nice design! I used many of your parts, some from a remix, and also did my own remix with a parametric clamp generator that people will find handy if like me they have a different drill. I also added quick releases for removing the drill and I may add them to the "Z" clamps. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2059075

Minicraft MB1012 drill press, customizable clamps and quick release

I am printing parts now from the V1 zip file and see the V2 zip files dated 4/4/2014and the comment about a Third Version but don't find those files. Thanks, the drill press will really help with my small sized projects.


the zip file contains older design files. The "newest" ones are outside of the zip files.


Drill-press-dremel-holder-bottom.stl is missing. Had to get it from the zip-file.

I'm having issues printing the slider. Have printed it twice and it has a 5-6mm layer shift about midway thru the print. Is there an updated slider file?

Can anyone tell me what springs they're using for this? I'm having a hard time finding some that fit.

someone on youtube building a dremel drill press said spring from popup sprinklers.

Hey, were you aware that your design is being displayed on colorFabb's website?
First image in the slideshow on their main page:

you write we need:
4 pieces of the 8mm smooth rod, 10 cm each (4")

but i cant see where they are used. one is used for the lever right? but where are the other 3 used?

also you write "M3 bolts 3x20mm 6x, 4x25mm 4x ". you mean 6 times an m3 bolt which is 20mm. but what is "4x25mm 4x" or did you mean 4 times an 25mm m4 (or maybe m3) bolt?

I went to print this today, and when I loaded up the top and bottom clamps of the dremel tool, they are micro sized. I loaded in both slicer and replicatorG. Both come out smaller than a penny. Almost eraser sized. What scaling is this supposed to be at?

Very nice, I noticed in the list of parts needed, you only have 2 lm8uu, don't you need 4? 2 for each side? I am going to print this out as this is perfect for my need, much like yours, for PCB work!

For me it seems that the holes in bottom and top are very loose for 8mm rods. do you glue them in?

Hi Mitch,

Please allow me to compliment you on a fantastic design with the Dremel Drill Press. I am looking forward to putting it together, all the parts are almost printed. The only thing holding me back however, is the instruction file which I suppose was originally included with the download. It's not there in the current download however. Can you supply me with the instruction file, or upload it so it can be downloaded? Much thanks and appreciation to you!


sorry for the late reply. The BOM is in the instruction section. After that it should be pretty streightforward. Look at the pictures, and put it together as shown on them. It is just a few parts. Or is there something specific what is not clear about the assembly. If so, please leave me a comment here, I will try to answer ASAP.

Hi ;)

Thanks a lot, great!!! Good work.
Tomorrow i print both parts with the correct 8mm. Very grateful! I share my photos of Drill Press soon.

I really like of design of this drill press, my congratulations!
I have a simple question, why the holes have 9mm to put the 8mm smooth rods in the press-drill-top and drill-press-bottom? It would be better with 8mm, would be tighter. Can you draw with 8mm and share.
Thanks a lot


yes, you are correct, it should be 8mm. This is my fault as I am using lasser cutted version and never printed this one. I thought I have putted 8.2mm hole there, but obviously not. So I have corrected both top and bottom part, both are now with 8mm holes. Hape this will fit better.

PS: As addition I made a slot in the bottom part as ramchip suggested.

Is there anyway you can make the base have a hole in it so the bit can go through?

I went ahead and made a copy in SCAD and its now in the remixes. Printing now will let you know results...

Hi, awesome, I have not much time lately to do it. So thanks for that, I think more people will appreciate this.

Just printed the bottom.. The hole in the back right rod position is much shallower than the other three.. Is it supposed to be that way, or is it a design flaw? Checked the stl in both Cura and Simplify3D and both render the model with a shallow hole in the back right position.

Hi, yes you are rigth. There have must been some orror during .stl generation because in the model the holes are evenly deep. I have regenerated the .stl file and it looks ok in Cura now. I am sorry for that.

Thanks, I had the same problem but hadnt gotten to say anything yet. I am also having issues with the holes in the base and top being really loose, like not enough for superglue to help..

Hi, Thank you for sharing your drill press design. I made it and it works perfect – even better than a commercial one, I used before.

hi!, maybe i'm dumb, but I don't understand how you can fix the rods into the printed base plate? Can you tell me how we are supposed to do this?


they are supposed to be a snug fit, so you just press them in. If they are loose, you can fix it with a bit of super glue.

Ok! Thanks. Whell they are a bit loose so I'll fix that with super glue.

Thank for the nice design by the way! It is awesome!

I am glad you like it! It would be great if you could post some pictures of your drill press after you are done with the build!

Done uploading pictures of it! thanks again very nice design! ????

Absolutely! Thanks!

nice dude. i have the same dremel so i think i might use your dremel holders for my cnc machine :p

Can you upload the .ipt files of all the parts?
Kind regards

Hi, sure, I have added a zip file containing the .ipt files and assembly file.

Thank you very much!

I think it might improve printability if the bearing-hole notches on the slider were placed at the top of the part instead of the side. Top, in this case, being the side opposite where the drill is mounted. My printer was having trouble with the overhangs.

Hi, yes, that's a great idea. I apparently didn't take much thoughts about it, when designing it. I will update the slider so it is better printable.

Oh, cool, I can print LM8UU bushings! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:12238

Printable LM8UU-sized PLA bushing

I'd love to see a version that uses plastic bushings instead of the LM8UU linear bearings, similar to the ones used in the RepRap Prusa.

Thank you for the update!

can you please add the springs clamp as STL files i cant open ipt inventor files ... thanks for your great project

Hi, I am sorry, I have mistakenly uploaded .ipt files instead of .stl files. But it should be fixed now. Thanks for your notice. I am glad you guys like it:-)

And you can ask you to do a 10 shafts and bearings.
Best regards.

Sure I do, but I won't be righ away. I will have some time in the second half of the following week.

Thank you. I'll be waiting.

Hi, modifications done. I have modified three files. Slider, top plate and bottom plate. The files names ends -10mm or -LM10UU. So let the printing begin;-)

Thank you. We will print.

With the "original" Dremel Workbench you can turn the Dremel to 90° but not cut vertically with a cutting disc.

What about changing the brackets, so the Dremel can also be inserted sideways and use it with the popular cutting discs or the circular saw attachment?

This sounds like a great idea. I will be making some changes to this thing for sure, so I will think about adding this feature. Not sure how exactly to do it right now, but will definitely think of it. Or if you have an idea how to do it, post it in comment or better, draw a picture:-)

"dommage pour le car avec la rétractation du fil je perds 3 mm ,il existe pas en version customisable ?
damage to the car with the withdrawal of the wire I lose 3 mm, there is no tie version?


Hard to anderstand in french too, but as I it seems to me, this mean : "Bad luck with the ( a word miss in french), because of the wire (I think material) withdrawal, I lose 3mm. is there a parametric version?"

Dont know if it help... btw, great work, I thing about making my one too.

Thank you for trying to translate the comment. I still don't understand much of it, but one think I can answer. There is unfortunately no parametric version. The reason is, I am modeling it in Autodesk Inventor, so there is no easy way to produce parametric models for Customizer or OpenScad. I can give you the .ipt files, but I am not sure how many of you guys have the Inventor. But if somebody has it and wants to customize this thing, post a comment a I will release the "source" files.


dommage pour le car avec la rétractation du fil je perds 3 mm ,il existe pas en version customisable ?

damage to the car with the withdrawal of the wire I lose 3 mm, there is no tie version?

I am really sorry, but the English translation does not make sense for me. Could you try to reformulate it? Or anybody here who could translate from French to English and vice versa?

bonjour,merci beaucoup ,beau travail ;) suis en train de faire les pièces .

quel est la taille des tiges et des roulements? merci

Hi, I am sorry that I did not include the necessary parts in the instruction file. I will fix that ASAP. For now, I am using LM8UU bearings conjunction with 8mm smooth rods. For springs you can use arbitrary springs that you find in your garage and will fit on the the 8mm smooth rod.

Translated by Google translate to french:
Salut, je suis désolé que je ne comprend pas les pièces nécessaires dans le fichier d'instruction. Donc, je vais corriger cela dès que possible. Pour l'instant, j'utilise LM8UU roulements conjonction avec 8mm tiges lisses. Pour les ressorts, vous pouvez utiliser des ressorts arbitraires que vous trouverez dans votre garage et vous tenir sur la la tige lisse de 8mm.

For the Dremel 3000 adapter is also necessary to extend 3 mm bottom bracket to maintain the verticality of the drill.

Yes, I am aware of that. I modified the top and the bottom holder correspondingly to align the centres. Both modified files contains dremel300 string in their names.

The adapter has been published, 163002 thing

Awesome man, I really appreciate your collaboration on adapting this drill press for broader spectrum of dremels. I will redo your dremel 3000 adaper as soon as possible, just to make sure, that the centers of the top and the bottom holder matches.

I have already designed the same piece in one larger size (diameter internal 52 mm). The adaptation is not perfect, but the drill is well fastened. I will publish it citing that it is for your design.

I love this design, but the holder top isn't valid for my Dremel 3000, this section is not circular. I suggest make 52mm internal diameter for around it better . Regards from Spain

I am glad you like my design. Personally, I see some flaws in it and I will try to fix them in the next release. But to your problem. I don't fully understand what shape and dimension should the holder be to fit your Dremel 3000. Could you post some sketches or something? I will be happy to redraw it in cad and post the stl files. I think it could help more people.

One more suggestion: for stability reasons I would put another pair of linear slide to the dower dremel mount position - just to avoid twisting the dremel because of pressure applied from above...

Good point. At first, when I was thinking about the design of the press, I thought that there will be 4 linear bearings. But it come up that that it would be bit harder to design and print and also bit costlier. So I decided to go just with two and see if it will work.

Today I printed clamps for springs and I must say I works pretty well. There is minor twisting, but I tried drilling PCB with 0,6 drill and it worked just fine. But if anybody is planning to print this, I wants another pair of sliders, I can do some modifications to add them.

One thing I have seen on similar items is on the rods where the dremel carriage is mounted you put a clamp below the carriage and put a spring between the carriage and the clamp. It allows the dremel to lift back up to the start position by simply letting go.

Yeah, sure, that's great idea. I was planning to put a spring somewhere, but was not sure where. I will run some tests and I will update the model accordingly.