Fantastic Medieval Castle Generator v1

by Zivbot Jun 7, 2016
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Do you know the settings for the castle used in the picture?

This is truly fantastic! I've been playing around with recursive generation in OpenSCAD recently myself, with projects such as http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1595362. Your castle generator takes it to a whole new level. I was thinking about writing something like this next, but damn dude, you NAILED it! This is amazing! Keep up the good work!

Customizable Procedurally Generated Trees

Just put up a new castle generator, this time focusing on minimal number of controls + maximum variations space.
Hope you like it!

Grand Castle Generator
by Zivbot

Thanks man!! The tree is great - looking forward to seeing where it goes next

This is what 3-D printers were made for.

I agree! and its just the start. When we look back in so and so years at the time we used to exchanged "frozen" models, it would seem preposterous.

Hey, so, what I need to use it? :d

Start by hitting the "Open in Customizer" button on the right panel (desktop). Let me know if you have any trouble.

FWIW, there's an interesting PBS series on castles. The first episode is this week, on the people that constructed the real thing.

I've just generated the stl for the given demo castle (with details but not bricks). It took 13 minutes of CPU time on this Macbook Pro. I am absolutely amazed at this, should be great fun!

Thanks man, I'd love to see what you create with it! And you're more than welcome to take the code and build on it, there're plenty more realms to explore.

Brilliant! My compliments on a job well done! I have been wanting to do this myself, but why should I now that you've done such a fantastic job, probably better that I would too! Thanks.

Les print some castles!

Great work !

i mean ..

really i mean it

Wow this is some really neat stuff. I've been thinking about making my own customized randomizer. I like that you included a load of pictures to show the audience what it's capable of generating. I was playing around with your options when I noticed just how many sub tabs for parameters there were; I bet this took quite a while just to add that many features. Good job, I'll be looking out for more from you. I expect this to be featured soon and gain the recognition it deserves.

Just too cool man, keep it up.

It took a while ;) but i enjoyed every minute. I love the potential of random generators to surprise even those who make them. I find new castle types each time I play with it.
Thanks and I look forward to seeing your generators!

Very cool. How does processing time compare to running it on an average desktop?

Glad you like it. I havent made a clear comparison but i think it was about the same for me, generating locally or online. Of course online is nice because your system is free, and you get the sliders. On the other hand in OpenSCAD you get a real 3d preview so you actually know what you're making before committing.

Amazing! Gret generator :o)