Adjustable height shim

by papergeek Oct 6, 2013
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while i'm certain this is very useful in a number of areas, the only application that comes to mind is spacing something hor or vert of light weight ...
like if you're working on a microscope stage or something very small that needs to go up or down , side to side in an adjustable fashion, perhaps optical focal length is the application is a primary ...

Well, if you don't like it you can always request a refund :)

I actually created this for a carpentry project and it's been a VERY popular download. I used it for precise parallel alignment of extremely widely-spaced drawers for a custom closet insert. I used wood screws to secure the rails to the rail blocks through the middle of the shim. It actually worked quite well because I am very impatient when it comes to carpentry work...

I think the entire point of sharing things here is that you can not only find uses I didn't envision, you are also free to customize as you like...

Nice. How about adding sliding mortise & tenons to ensure both parts keep moving along the same plane? Unless you need to be able to knock out the wedges, ofcourse.

I want to do that but haven't yet figured out a way to do it efficiently while leaving the central open space (which is available as a drill-through area). I also want to keep the interface between the shims smooth and the easiest way to do that is to keep the print with the longest side facing down, otherwise rails and slots would work. Interesting problem, I'll think about a good solution.

I'm uploading an updated v3 that adds screw holes for attaching one side (needed for me since I need to adjust the parallel track of drawer slides). Keeping one part attached without needing to use spring clamps should be helpful in many applications.