iPad 2 (and later) Sound Deflector

by tomlombardi Jan 17, 2012
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Fits the iPad 4 perfectly. Nice and snug on the device. (Using with no screen protector or case.)

This look snice, Ill try one today. Is it ABS or PLA? The first thing I do with an ABS object is acetone smooth it to blend the filaments together, THEN sand if needed. Sanding releases the phenols, or esters, whatever the bad stuff is. Ok, ok...acetone isnt healthy either...heh.

Awesome-- I printed this for the iPad 3 before I saw the derivative... But it fits just fine. Thanks so much for the great design!

I get the same warnings, but it always prints ok. Glad you like it, it's my favorite example of why a 3D printer is so cool! :)

using slic3r 0.7.2b i get

"Warning: Input file is not manifold near edge 1614.00000000-1615.000000"


"The Model has overlapping or self-intersecting facets...."

But it did print nicely and works, though the horn that points the sound toward you seems to have shifted to the side but it good for a first fully completed and usable print :D

I have just bought a makerbot replicator... I loaded this model into G-Code, but when I Generate the G-Code, I get the following error:

This should never happen, there is a hole in the triangle mesh, each edge should have two faces.

[21:20:03] 4817 [3105] [1623, 1705]

[21:20:03] Something will still be printed, but there is no guarantee that it will be the correct shape.

[21:20:03] Once the gcode is saved, you should check over the layer with a z of:

[21:20:03] 23.355

Has anyone successfully printed this on a Makerbot Replicator?

if it will continue to generate gcode it will print fine

I need the opposite of this device. What I'd like is a microphone deflector for my 27" iMac. On my iMac, the microphone is on the top of my computer, just above and behind the camera. I need a nice deflector that will allow my voice to be funneled to the microphone better. An iMac "ear" if you will.

It is sort of the opposite of this device.

I am an engineer and when I am in online meetings with GoToMeeting or Skype, I often close my eyes and facepalm while talking, so that I can more easily visualize what I am saying, and so that my thoughts aren't distracted. The problem is that I end up d
irecting my voice into the desktop and people on the conference can't hear me. A microphone sound deflector would be the perfect accessory for my 27" iMac.

I also envision it with small clips that would snap into the slot on the back of the monitor, and little tabs that would hang onto the front o
f the monitor. That way no tape or other sticky substance would be needed to attach it. It would just snap on and off as necessary.

I guess I need to make a maker-bot first. DONT_KNOW

I think that's a good idea. I worked on an iMac mic deflector tonight, I'll print it and see how it works out.

i keep gettiing "there is a hole in the triangle mesh" error in SF and also in slicer.

am i the only one? any suggestions?

love the design BTW, i'm about to release a derivative.

I've printed this thing many times without a problem. You could run it through Netfab for repairs.

Prints well on BFB 3D Touch printer in ABS. Works well too.

Those are beautiful machines!

This object showed me the light of 3D printing, at just the right time, and was my first real (non-test) printed object. It was a brand new Thing-O-Matic, but others had printed other things without incident, but this one kept warping as it built, losing it's grip on first the back side and then the front side of the ABP around 3-4cm into the build. It'd rock back and forth in place for a while and then get dislodged and ruin the build.

Fourth try worked :) - messing with settings didn't help much but was educational - what did help was rotating the object by 90 degrees around the Z axis, so that it had a much smaller axis to rock back and forth during the build. It warped a little, but came out pretty nice.

Thanks so much for designing this object! I've been cupping my hand every time I watched video on my iPad2 for far too long.

Works great. I noticed there's a little bump on the back side between the "scoop" and the edge. As it was printing, I thought maybe I was having problems with my X axis, but the bump is there in the model, too.

Printed great. Easily doubled the volume of the ipad2.